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  • Sunset Overdrive Review

    Sunset Overdrive Review

    I’ve been curious about Sunset Overdrive ever since Microsoft teased it at E3 the other year, it’s a game that looked truly unique, especially when you compare it to every other game hitting retail right now; complete insanity in an unbelievably colourful world. It’s always a massive risk when a developer attempts something completely different […]

  • Sunset Overdrive Hands-On #XboxGamescom

    Sunset Overdrive Hands-On #XboxGamescom

    If I had to admit that there was one game I wasn’t particularly interested in or over excited about before travelling to Gamescom this year (because I had already made my mind up from watching E3 trailers) it was Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac Games. It can be surprising though just how you can get the […]