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Sunset Overdrive Season Pass Benefits

white xboxone sunset overdrive

It should come as no shock considering the white Xbox One console, the massive presence at recent events and the constant plugs with Fizzie and more, but today both Microsoft and Insomniac Games have announced the “Sunset Overdrive” Season Pass. It has been described to be packed with exclusive content including the first three complete Game Add-ons as well as six character outfits, two Amps and two Traps available exclusively to Season Pass purchasers as soon as the game is released on October 31st 2014.

ThisisXbox recently went hands-on with Sunset Overdrive during Gamescom in Germany:

The aim of the game seems to be about survival elements in the most insane fashion applicable. It was like a version of Dead Rising on drugs, but presented as a characteristic cartoon with amazing art direction. As much as your eyes are looking out for enemies, you are just wowed by the level of detail and colourful characters that parade around for dear life. The concept of the story appears somewhat sadistic and disconsolate, yet the action packed gameplay leaves you wanting more. Sunset Overdrive is certainly unique and I’m pretty positive it will be a huge success for many years to come.


The “Sunset Overdrive” Season Pass gives you access to:

  • Two campaign Game Add-ons that each deliver new locations to explore, stories to experience, and bosses to battle. Each of these Add-ons also includes new weapons, new Amps, a new Trap, new character outfits as well as new challenges and Chaos Squad* objectives
  • The Weapons Pack Game Add-on, which includes four deadly new weapons to augment your arsenal
  • BONUS – six character outfits, two Amps and two Traps to use as soon as the game is released

In total, the Season Pass delivers a massive amount of adventure and destruction: eight new devastating weapons, four deadly traps to deploy in Chaos Squad, four new Amps to unleash over-the-top mayhem, and ten unique outfits for your character – all for £15.99, a saving of more than 20% compared to purchasing the three Game Add-ons individually.