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Stories in open world games

Exploring in Open World Games is usually the reason for picking it up in the first place, however the genre really seems to be struggling when it comes to creating an involving and meaningful story, r...[Read More]

The fallen machines rise in Sunset Overdrive’s final piece of DLC

Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines will be the final piece of DLC for Sunset Overdrive. Coming April 1, the DLC will include a new area to explore, a new story to conquer and a brand new traversa...[Read More]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by playing Sunset Overdrive

Rather than spending Valentines Day with your loved ones, why not load up Sunset Overdrive and bag yourself 175 glorious gamerpoints? In order to earn the 175 point “D’awwwwww” Achievement and unlock ...[Read More]

Three Sunset Overdrive Achievements Added, 40% Off For Gold Members

Sunset Overdrive fans, it’s time to throw that disc back into your Xbox One console as Insomniac Games have only gone and added three brand spankin’ new achievements for you to unlock. The...[Read More]

This week’s Sunset TV blows the lid on the Mooil Rig DLC

Sunset TV, the weekly in-game update show that can be watched from within the game, has blown the lid off the upcoming DLC – The Mystery of Mooil Rig. Unfortunately for Brandon, the regular Sunset TV ...[Read More]

Sunset Overdrive 24hr Taster Now Live

It’s the one year anniversary of Xbox One today and to celebrate, Microsoft and Insomniac Games are inviting all Xbox Live Gold members who still haven’t equipped their TnTeddy’s to get an unlimited t...[Read More]

Sunset Overdrive Review

I’ve been curious about Sunset Overdrive ever since Microsoft teased it at E3 the other year, it’s a game that looked truly unique, especially when you compare it to every other game hitti...[Read More]

Sunset Overdrive Season Pass Benefits


It should come as no shock considering the white Xbox One console, the massive presence at recent events and the constant plugs with Fizzie and more, but today both Microsoft and Insomniac Games have ...[Read More]

Sunset Overdrive Hands-On #XboxGamescom

If I had to admit that there was one game I wasn’t particularly interested in or over excited about before travelling to Gamescom this year (because I had already made my mind up from watching E3 trai...[Read More]

White Xbox One Limited Edition Console Confirmed

Rumours have been circulating that Microsoft may put out a public Xbox One in glossy white since a retailer posted pre-order details recently claiming it’s a Sunset Overdrive bundle. According t...[Read More]