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Drawtopia for Windows Phone – A Journey Through Color

Super Smith Bros’ has released a pre-release sneak peek at their latest development ‘Drawtopia’ for Windows Phones. The game is due to be released this month, and it features both puzzle based physics combined with the requirement of drawing lines to aid the collection of stars. The final game will include 50 levels across 5 room colours with a variety of different traps and obstacles to puzzle your way out of.

Super Smith Bros’ consist of Steven and Graham Smith who also designed and developed Obsessive Collecting Disorder which is available on Windows Phone & Xbox Live Indie Games. ThisisXbox.com reviewed O.C.D for XBLIG, but the newer revamped version on Windows Phone has achieved a staggering 250,000 downloads since its release last December!

Check out the trailer for Drawtopia above, and to find out more on the dev team you can visit their website via the link below: