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Superhot chalks up an Xbox One release date

Time bending puzzler Superhot is coming to Xbox One on May 3 and it looks Supergood. Time only moves when you do, enabling you to dodge bullets better than Neo and plan who you want to shoot in the face next. It’s also super stylised with sterile white environments splashed with striking red enemies keeping the action clean and allowing you to be precise with each move.

Check out the most recent trailer and get the ‘Superhots’ for this intriguing title.

Will your Xbox One be getting Superhot?


Have you ever played a first-person shooter and thought, ‘If I’d only had the time to think about my next move’. In Superhot, you can do just that.

In this time-bending shooter, time only moves when you do. Stand still and you’ve got an opportunity to consider your next move. The trade-off with this is that there are no convenient ammo drops and no health bar to regenerate. Just you versus a multitude of gun-toting, sword-weilding them.

Grab the weapons of the fallen to be able to slice, shoot and maneuver through a Matrix-style hail of bullets.

Superhot is getting a PC release later this month, with it’s Xbox One bow coming in March.