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Go Bowling with Tekken 7!

The strangest and funniest DLC is coming on August 31st for Tekken 7 on Xbox, PS4 and PC.

The return of Ultimate Tekken Bowl is finally upon us, so shine up your virtual bowling balls and get ready for one of the funniest bonus games in Tekken history. Along with Ultimate Tekken Bowl, Tekken 7’s DLC #1 will include a myriad of other notable items that are sure to add visual pop to any Tekken 7 match, including:

Blood Vengeance School Uniforms (for Xiaoyu & Alisa)
Swimsuits for all female fighters
Vintage 1920’s bathing suits
Idol Master themed outfits (All female fighters)
Traditional Japanese Fundoshi (All male fighters)


Tekken 7 gets its accolade on

Releasing just over a month ago, Tekken 7 has thrown quite a few punches amongst its community and from the dust Bandai Namco have created an accolade trailer.

“We are very pleased to see the warm welcome of TEKKEN7 from millions of players and the intense battles that are happening at this very moment throughout the world. After so many years, TEKKEN keeps demonstrating its leading presence amongst the fighting games thanks to a deep but flexible and balanced gameplay that allows both casual and pro players to have fun at all levels. This is now your turn to settle old scores and show your friends who will be the king of the Iron Fist. After all, all fights are personal!”,says Hoerdt Herve (Marketing & Digital VP of Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe).

You can check out what I thought of Tekken 7 in my review for TiX.

Tekken 7 review

Everyone has a Tekken story, whether that’s a tale from the first game, playing Tekken Bowl or laughing at the many ‘button mashing’ Tekken memes that have spawned over the years. For me the release of Tekken 7 brings back memories of crowding around a PlayStation with some mates for an afternoon of winner stays on. Tekken brings out the unexpected when fighting with friends – guaranteed to include plenty of “oohs” and “ahhs” from those watching the action.

Like the many Tekken stories that everyone holds dear, the newest entry comes with its own tale to tell. Story mode attempts to fill in the blanks between the ongoing feud between Heihachi and Kazuya, while loosely giving reason as to why Akuma has made the jump from Street Fighter to Tekken. Told via a series of CGI and graphic novel cutscenes, the story is told by a journalist recounting the events. Mostly it works, that is if you can overlook the nonsensical events and the dull tones of the journalist’s narration – he couldn’t sound any more disinterested even if he tried – this rubbed off on me slightly and I began to phase out of the story, and with lots of characters stepping in to have a turn, I cared less and less about the feuding of Heihachi and Kazuya.

Tekken 7

The story does serve as a loose introduction to the combat of Tekken 7, while offering no real direction on the intricacies of blocking, parrying and sidestepping, it (mostly) goes easy on you and offers an LB assist to pull off advanced moves. Throughout the story you will face off against numerous other fighters on the Tekken Roster and fight waves of grunt enemies. Fights follow the traditional 2-bout win, but are rolled together into one long battle. Often the second bout saw a more vicious and precise AI – I’ll happily admit to making full use of the shortcut button in order to win.

Tekken is all about combos and devastating moves are often only accessible at the end of a set of punches and kicks. With the face buttons mapped to left and right punch/kick, combos are fast and furious – it’s no wonder Tekken made a name for itself among button mashers. There’s no real difficulty to stringing complex moves together other than remembering which buttons are in the combo you’re attempting. This makes Tekken 7 instantly accessible to the newcomer – and annoyingly – to those intent on using a one-button smash to clinch victory.

Tekken 7

To master Tekken 7 you must persevere by studying the move list during practice or take to the Internet to find out which fighter suits your style best. Online fights are where you can really prove your mastery over a particular character – and while online has never managed to entice me before – I had a bloody good time fighting through the various tournaments.

Only suffering the odd disconnect – or is that rage quit? – There is nothing more frustrating when you progress to the final of your first tournament only for the host to leave. Pure nirvana was only three bouts away as I smashed someone who was ranked 10 belts higher than me 3-0. This is purely down to the strength of Tekken 7’s roster. It’s diverse enough for any player to find a fighter suited to their style. New players may find this too much of a hurdle to overcome, hoping for a pick up and play romp like Street Fighter, but Tekken 7 should be treated like EA’s UFC – there’s plenty to learn, just be patient and don’t treat it like other fighters.

Tekken 7

Beyond online bouts and the main story, there is very little content to get your teeth into other than character customisation options rewarded via treasure battles or unlocking a plethora of bonuses in the gallery, but this is mainly aimed at the hardcore Tekken fan. Not all characters get a say (or a battle) in the main story, so there is a single battle and story to uncover, some of which are rather amusing, but this really is clutching at straws to string out the longevity of the game beyond the online fights.

The best tool in Tekken 7’s box (besides the roster) is the Rage bar. Only available when your health has taken a pounding, you can unleash a super move that can often turn the tide of battle. If you don’t respect an opponent on the brink of Rage, then you will surely lose the fight. To combat this, the Rage super can be blocked and even reversed, if your timing is right and that is the crux of Tekken’s combat… timing. Button mash and your moves will be clumsy.

Tekken 7

Unfortunately Tekken 7 does suffer from one or two technical issues. The most annoying and frequent issue I suffered was long load times – a real pain when you’re battling with mates on couch co-op. Load issues even affected cut-scenes during the story, frequently freezing mid-animation. This aside, Tekken 7 is an excellent fighter. Reversing moves, parrying, double KOs and reversing grabs makes for a game that an audience will reward you with gasps – it’s certainly one for some sociable violence among friends.

Thanks to Bandai Namco Entertainment and Capcom for supporting TiX

Tekken 7 Celebrity Duel

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment UK and Tekken 7 has brought together two celebrity legends to take part in a superhuman contest to decide the long-standing rivalry that exists between these two massive household names!

So, I hear you asking, “Who are these celebs?”.  Is it Liam vs Noel, or maybe Kanye vs Taylor Swift?

Well, no.  Bigger than that.  Much bigger.  Massively bigger!

Yes, you guessed it, Keith “Cheggers” Chegwin vs Timmy Mallett.  Yessirree! Huge!

Catch the video and keep it locked to This Is Xbox for more news on your favourite 80’s TV Icons!

Tekken 7 prepares to fight on June 2nd

The next chapter of the Tekken series will be released on June 2nd, Tekken 7 will no doubt please all you fighting fans.

The are various versions of the game due for the release, with pre-order bonuses, all listed below:

The TEKKEN 7 Collector’s Edition (available for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One); collectors and hardcore TEKKEN fans will be pleased to learn that there will be a TEKKEN 7 Collector’s Edition containing the Deluxe Edition and the Season Pass (only available in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australasian territories) and a spectacular statue measuring approximately 30cm tall by 45cm wide that features a dynamic pose with Kazuya fly kicking Heihachi in mid-air, a special Steel Book, and the official TEKKEN 7 soundtrack.
TEKKEN 7 Season Pass (available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, STEAM) will grant players access to three content packs aimed to extend the TEKKEN 7 experience and will include new playable characters, new stages, a new game mode, costume packs, and a bonus 35-piece Metallic Costume Pack. *Each DLC pack contained within the TEKKEN 7 Season Pass may also be purchased separately.

TEKKEN 7 Pre-order Bonus (available today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC) will feature DLC access to Eliza, the famed vampire character that made her TEKKEN debut in TEKKEN Revolution. Xbox One players will be treated to an added bonus of receiving a free copy of TEKKEN 6 that takes advantage of the backwards compatible capabilities of the Xbox One platform.

A special Digital Xbox One Pre-order Pack (available on the Xbox Store beginning on January 31, 2017) will include DLC access to Eliza and a free copy of TEKKEN 6 that takes advantage of the backwards compatible capabilities of the Xbox One platform.

The TEKKEN 7 Deluxe Edition (available for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One) will include TEKKEN 7 and the Season Pass and is exclusive to GAME retail in the UK and Gamestop in Ireland.

Lastly, the TEKKEN 7 Day 1 Edition (available at participating retailers) will include a physical copy of TEKKEN 7 and the Eliza character DLC.

Have a look at the trailer below and let us know what you think.

Unreal Engine Sizzle Reel – GDC 2015


Looking forward to and enjoying some these titles? Adr1ft, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, DMC: Definitive Edition, Tekken 7, Batman: Arkham Knight, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, Dead Island 2, AIPD, Space Hulk: Deathwing, Smite, Submerged, Fable Legends and many many more. So are we! All these upcoming Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles have something in common…

Unreal Engine 4.

Check out the new ‘Sizzle Reel’ below from the guys and gals at Unreal ready for GDC 2015. And tune into their Keynote presentation on Twitch.tv, Wednesday March 4th at 9:30 a.m. PST