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The Sexy Brutale review

If Groundhog Day were to get married to Cluedo and go on to have a baby, then that child would be The Sexy Brutale. Intrigued? Then read on dear reader. The Sexy Brutale is a game co-produced by Madri...[Read More]

The Sexy Brutale gets a new trailer and release date

Tequila Works and Cavalier Game Studios have released the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming murder mystery, puzzle game The Sexy Brutale. We also have a release date for this co-production bet...[Read More]

January IGN First re-reveals RiME

The once PS4 exclusive RiME, has been re-revealed today during January’s IGN First as a multi platform title. Developed by Tequila Works, RiME is an open world adventure game that look a lot lik...[Read More]

Summer of Arcade 2012: Deadlight Review

If ever there was a decade that was crying out for a zombie apocalypse, end of days scenario, it was the 80’s. I lived through this dayglo, shoulder pad infested era and remember it with a shudd...[Read More]

Deadlight – Official Gameplay Trailer from Tequila Works

Check out the first official gameplay trailer!!