The Division

The Division gets its Xbox One X update and adds more new content

The Division 1.8.1 update has been released and finally brings the Xbox One X enhanced 4k performance promised way back in 2017. Also added in this update are two new Global Events (Blackout and Onsla...[Read More]

The Division has had 20 million agents step into New York City

As Tom Clancy’s The Division celebrates is second anniversary, Ubisoft have revealed that 20 million players have taken to the streets of New York City and to celebrate, here’s a handy inf...[Read More]

New map and modes coming to The Division

The next update to The Division will include a new map area and multiplayer modes to the apocalyptic world of New York City. Update 1.8 is the biggest to date, including numerous tweaks and bug fixes,...[Read More]

The Division update 1.7 dropping August 15th

Today, Ubisoft have announced that Update 1.7 for Tom Clancy’s The Division will be available tomorrow, August 15th. The update will be free for all players and release simultaneously on consoles and ...[Read More]

The Division 1.6 patch And final DLC out next week

Ubisoft have announced that the 1.6 patch and final expansion, titled Last Stand will be released on February 28. The 1.6 patch will see sweeping changes to gear balance, mechanics and other items, th...[Read More]

Expansion 3: Last Stand and Update 1.6 details revealed for The Division

Ubisoft have announced the latest details of Last Stand, the third expansion for Tom Clancy’s The Division, as well as of its upcoming Update 1.6. The Last Stand expansion will be available as part of...[Read More]

The Division movie director announced

The Division is set to hit the silver screen and be made into it’s own movie adaptation. Like most rumours of up and coming films the spot light often jumps to who is going to be responsible for...[Read More]

Ubisoft releasing new figurines for Ghost Recon Wildlands and The Division

The Ubisoft store is a rich place for gaming memorabilia, and it’ll soon have two new additions to tempt you: The Division SHD Agent and Ghost Recon Wildlands Fallen Angel. There are trailer to ...[Read More]

Second expansion for The Division releases tomorrow

The second expansion for Tom Clancy’s The Division, Survival, will be available tomorrow on Xbox One and Windows PC. As New York is hit by a devastating snowstorm, The Division agents receive intel ab...[Read More]

Ubisoft confirm The Division movie

Ubisoft Motion Pictures, the film and television studio of Ubisoft have announced that The Division will be getting a film release. Academy Award nominees Jessica Chastain (The Martian, Interstellar, ...[Read More]

Going Underground in The Divisions first expansion

Unless you have been living in a hole for the last couple of days you would have noticed that Underground, the first expansion for Tom Clancy’s The Division is out. In this expansion you can eit...[Read More]

Ubisoft updates cheating policy on the The Division

Ubisoft have updated their cheating policy, so if you are one of the players taking advantage of the game by using third party software you had better watch out as Ubi are coming to get you. The post ...[Read More]

The Division gets 1.2 update

I haven’t played nearly enough of The Division in recent weeks, but Ubisoft have given me another reason to jump back in. The 1.2 update, the second free piece of content for the game, releases ...[Read More]

The Division suffering from hotfix Issues

According to this thread on reddit, many users are suffering from quite bad lag after this mornings hotfix maintenance. Ubisoft community manager Natchai has said the development team is aware of the ...[Read More]

The Division characters going AWOL

Update 1.1 went live yesterday, adding some great new features, but it seems to be causing some users a few problems. A number of reports on Reddit as well as Ubisoft’s own support Twitter suggests th...[Read More]

New Incursions update deploys for The Division

So we have talked about it for a few weeks but the Incursions update for The Division is finally out for all to play. Announced earlier today by Ubisoft, Incursions is the first of two free updates to...[Read More]

Incursions and more coming to The Division in April

During a special stream, Ubisoft and Massive announced the first free DLC, Insursions, and some new features coming in the April update. In the first of two free expansion for The Division, Incursions...[Read More]

TiX Podcast: United Over The Division

Welcome to the This is Xbox Podcast. Join Greg Giddens, Steve Peacock and guest Mike Barnes for a new episode of the This is Xbox Podcast – episode 25 United Over The Division. In this episode t...[Read More]


Tom Clancy’s The Division is exceptionally well-designed. Every aspect of the title feels thoughtfully crafted, from the subtle ambient details of birds and rats fighting in the streets, to the ...[Read More]

The Division – TiX’s hints and tips

The Division is consuming all my game time, to say I’m hooked would be a massive understatement – as more of my friends join The Division as new agents I keep getting asked for any tips I have t...[Read More]

The Division could go to Central Park in upcoming DLC

It’s common that developers leave half complete areas in games and block them off, ready for the day that the complete area is released as DLC. Destiny was rife with these and gamers sought them...[Read More]

The Division – First two DLC packs exclusive to Xbox for 30 days

Ubisoft has announced today that the first two of the three paid expansions for The Division – Underground and Survival – will have 30-day exclusivity on Xbox One, starting from the day of their respe...[Read More]

New launch trailer for Ubisoft’s The Division

With one week to go until launch, Ubisoft have released a brand new launch trailer for The Division. Featuring iconic locations such as the Flat Iron building, and Madison Square Gardens, as well as s...[Read More]

Meta-Novel to accompany Tom Clancy’s The Division

Every survivalist knows that you should always have a field guide with you and Tom Clancy’s The Division is no different. At the same time the game launches on March 8th so will New York Collaps...[Read More]

Ubisoft release The Division: Collapse browser-based game

If the two week wait for the release of Ubisoft and Massive’s new open-world RPG shooter is too long for you, Ubisoft has released a cool little browser-based mini game. Collapse asks you to inp...[Read More]

The Divsion beta breaks records with 6.4 million players

Ubisoft have announced that the open beta for The Division pulled in a record breaking 6.4 million players, making it the largest beta ever for a brand new IP. On average, players spent 4 hours and 52...[Read More]

Ubisoft announces The Division open beta will start next Thursday

Ubisoft just announced that the open beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division will be hitting your Xbox One next Thursday, February 18, with access open to all for 96 hours—and once again, Xbox One pl...[Read More]

Exclusive gear for The Division Alpha and Beta participants

Today Ubisoft announced that gamers who participated in the Alpha and closed Beta for their high anticipated title, The Division, will be receiving exclusive rewards for their time. All part of an app...[Read More]

Xbox UK release a new 10 minute video of The Division

Xbox UK have released a new video focusing more on the important details gamers are eager to know about Ubisoft’s newest title, The Division. Giving her opinion on everything from missions, char...[Read More]

The Division gets a January date for Beta

Ubisoft just revealed the dates via The Division’s Twitter page. Access is open to everyone who has pre-ordered the game, as well as folk who sign up to the waiting list on Ubisoft’s site....[Read More]

View the Agent’s Journey in new Division trailer

It’s been a little while since we’ve had anything meaningful from Ubisoft regarding Tom Clancy’s The Division. We’ve had some screens in August and a trailer just before Christ...[Read More]

The Division Alpha coming this week

The latest blog post from Ubisoft has revealed that the Beta for The Divisoion will now take place in early 2016. However, they also announced that players who preordered the Xbox One version will hav...[Read More]

EGX 2015: The Division impressions

The Division plays super smoothly, combining third person combat, technology, cooperative gameplay and competitive multiplayer – that’s a lot for Ubisoft to handle and they’ve pooled all their knowled...[Read More]

Back to School sale: beta access to The Division and Rainbow Six Siege

If you are yet to get yourself into the upcoming betas of Ubisoft’s The Division and Rainbow Six Siege, then you might want to swing by the Uplay shop – if you pick up anything in the Back to Sc...[Read More]

The friends and foes of Ubisoft’s The Division

3 weeks after a pandemic spread across the country, and brought the United States Governments to its knees 5 days later, it is up to you and your fellow Division Agents to bring peace to New York City...[Read More]

TiX Podcast: E3 Round-up 2015 Part 1

Welcome to the This is Xbox Podcast. Join Greg Giddens, Neale Jarrett, Richard Berry and Derek McRoberts in another special show focusing on E3 2015. In this first of two parts the foursome discuss ga...[Read More]

E3 Ubisoft Conference – The Division

  When a weaponized virus takes over, society collapses. what do you do? Save what remains by joining The Division. Explore New York while you progress your skill set and use your wits and weapon...[Read More]

E3 Microsoft Conference – Xbox One grabs an exclusive beta for The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division finally showed itself with an awesome new trailer. Laurent Detoc says it’s a deep, realistic action-RPG and it’ll also have an exclusive beta on Xbox One in...[Read More]

Ubisoft Confirm Their E3 2014 Line Up, How You Can Watch Briefing


  E3 is quickly approaching, with Microsoft holding their Xbox briefing on June 9th which can be watched LIVE via Xbox LIVE, Ubisoft have now confirmed their own line up of titles they will be sh...[Read More]

Tom Clancy’s The Division Snowdrop Engine Teaser Trailer

On December 9th, around 10am CET, get set to discover what powers a true Next-Gen game. Tom Clancy’s The Division will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC in the near future, but in the meantime...[Read More]

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