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Curve Digital gives you Five games for £18 with Gimme 5!

Award-winning publisher Curve Digital have announced an Xbox One bundle for five of its highly revered titles, for one incredibly low price.

The Gimme 5 bundle will be available until November 3rd, and contains Human: Fall flat, The Flame in the Flood, Dear Esther, Serial Cleaner and Manual Samuel.

Only available on the Xbox Live store, the Gimme 5 bundle will give gamers a huge 70% worth of saving compared to buying the titles separately. The bundle will cost £18/$18/€18.

Publishing Director for Curve Digital, Simon Byron, says “We always love giving our fans the best deals that we can dream up at Curve Digital. The Gimme 5 bundle is no exception to this, with a saving of over 70% across five titles in one bundle, there’s no better time to jump into our most loved games.”

Most of these have been positively reviewed by TiX, and you can read those reviews by clicking on the links. Click here to visit the page on the Xbox Store to purchase!

Human: Fall Flat review

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Dear Esther: Landmark Edition review

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The Flame in the Flood


Prepare yourself for The Flame in the Flood


Pack your bags, folks. It’s nearly time for a downriver jaunt through post-society backwater America. The Molasses Flood’s rogue-lite adventure, The Flame in the Flood, will have you craft, outwit predators and brave rapids in your quest to survive and make your way down a procedurally-generated river.

Brave the dangers of the waters as you seek refuge from the harsh realities of life. Your only companion, Aesop the dog, is as cunning as he is cute. Sniffing out valuable supplies and tools in a forgotten world accompanied by the alt-country tunes of Chuck Ragan. Hunt, trap and craft to endure, not just survive.

The developers are a rag-tag of triple-A developers from the likes of Harmonix, Irrational and Bungie and are looking to bring The Flame in the Flood to your Xbox One on the 24th of February 2016.