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The Golf Club 2 gets an E3 trailer

The Golf Club 2 has a brand new E3 trailer for you to check out below. The trailer spotlights two features being introduced as a direct result of fan feedback A single player Career Mode as well as online Societies. Players will now be able to climb the ranks to the upper echelons of elite golf clubs in Career Mode. Players begin their journey at small, local links and must hone their skills in these small competitions to earn their way into finer, more prestigious clubs and challenging tournaments.

Societies will form the backbone of both Career Mode and general competition. You’ll be able to create and run your own multiplayer societies with their friends, or join existing Societies that fit your skill level and playstyle.

Societies can have their own logo, clubhouse and unique identity. Individual players can represent their Society by hosting online tournaments, where Societies will buy in to compete for prize pools. Winning these tournaments rewards players with in-game currency that can be used to improve clubhouses and host larger, more challenging tournaments to see which Society has the skills to rise to the top.

If you spent any time making course in the first Golf Club game, then you’ll be pleased to hear that you can import the courses into The Golf Club 2. These courses can then be played immediately online, or creators can use the enhanced features and tools of the improved Course Editor to create more authentic tournament experiences by including additional details to courses, dynamic crowds of spectators and more.

The Golf Club 2 is currently in development from HB Studios and will be published by Maximum Games on 27th June.

The Golf Club 2 Features Trailer

The Golf Club was originally released early in the life cycle of Xbox One, and the sequel will be released on June 27th 2017.  A new trailer has been released showing the new features of the game.

The new trailer for The Golf Club 2 focuses on the game’s state-of-the-art and highly expansive Course Editor feature, which allows players to replicate a compelling and authentic experience of being on the green. Fans of the game’s predecessor will be pleased to find that the beloved creation tool is returning and has been highly upgraded with brand new, expanded features, including tournament dressings with camera towers and vibrant crowds. The Course Editor feature empowers players to create the perfect course to fit their style, where the only limit is their own imagination.

The Golf Club 2 aims for a hole-in-one by offering a bevy of additional brand-new features including a progression-based Career Mode and the inclusion of dynamic Societies. Players will become part of the prestigious golfing elite by practicing and perfecting their skills in Career Mode, then sharing their success with online Societies, competing with their team of players in single games and full-blown tournaments.The Golf Club 2 is currently in development from HB Studios and will be published by Maximum Games.

The Golf Club 2 set to score hole in one

Golf games don’t immediately strike a chord or give the average gamer an itchey wallet feeling that means you have to blow your hard earned money on the latest golf offering. Also it’s fair to say that most golf games are quite cartoon like nowadays and often live on the front screen of your mobile phone. The Golf Club 2 has been tipped by one of it’s producers as the Minecraft of Golf Games, this has yet to be seen to be honest.

With most of the concentration being on Golf Societies from watching the trailer it appears that playing actual golf isn’t what Golf fans want. Maybe it’s time we all pop on some long socks and short trousers and give Golfing a try.

Players can get a head start on their career and pre-order The Golf Club 2 now. They will receive the “Day 1” edition which includes the following bonus content:


  • Moneybags – Save time and get rich quick with an instant payout that will boost your career and give you serious purchasing power
  • Elite Club – Make your competitors jealous and stand out among the crowd with an exclusive 24K solid gold driver
  • Premier Clubhouse – Gain access to an exclusive high society clubhouse for you and your friends
  • Heirloom Apparel – Play in style with a throwback outfit from the golden age of golf
  • Elite Emblem – Add class to your Society logo with a signature badge

If you want to know more head HERE for some in depth information about what The Golf Club 2 has to offer.

Maximum games reveal exciting lineup

Maximum Games have announced their complete lineup of titles to be showcased during this year’s E3, including the extreme action snowboarding game, Mark McMorris Infinite Air, the motorcycle-based combat racing game, Road Rage, Troll & I, and adventure survival game & The Golf Club 2.

Troll & I – PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC – Early 2017

Troll & I is a game about adventure, survival and unlikely friendship. Troll & I features a compelling and progressive storyline as players will control Otto, a young boy forced to escape his destroyed village, and his companion, a mighty Troll. Together, they embark on a journey through the dense, harsh and unforgiving forest in a quest to defeat the hunters threatening their homeland.

For more information about Troll & I, please visit: http://www.trollandi.com/.


The Golf Club 2 – [PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC – Early 2017]

The highly anticipated sequel to the successful original title, The Golf Club 2 will continue to expand upon all of the highly acclaimed qualities the original is well-known for. Aiming to build the strongest, most accessible golf game so far, The Golf Club 2 offers multiplayer features, a new Career mode, and limitless customisation, allowing players to rise to fame in a vibrant, virtual golfing community.

Mark McMorris Infinite Air – [PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC – Autumn 2016]

Infinite Air is the first open-world, physics-based snowboarding video game built in partnership and close collaboration with top pro-snowboarder Mark McMorris. Infinite Air infuses the hyper-realistic experience of snowboarding with the thrill of achieving massive air in real-world competitions such as Slopestyle and Halfpipe. Players will explore a vast backcountry and compete against friends, building and riding their own terrain parks and carving first tracks in pristine powder. Featuring procedural mountain generation and a full feature editor, creationists can dive into the near infinite options to create and share their ultimate runs!

For more information about Infinite Air, please visit: http://www.infiniteairgame.com.

Road Rage – [PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC – Autumn 2016]

Road Rage boasts heavy melee-based combat racing that promises a pure adrenaline motorcycle ride for all. Featuring 42 story-based missions, players must take the helm as Ace, the newest member of the outlaw motorcycle club controlling underground crime in the city of Ashen. There are absolutely no limits in Road Rage: ride through a vastly open-world environment, play 11 distinct characters, customize your bikes and weapons, and rise to the top of the motorcycle clan!

For more information about Road Rage, please visit www.road-rage-the-game.com.

I can’t wait to get hold of Road Rage, any titles take your fancy?