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King’s Quest – Music with Character


A new developer diary has been released for King’s Quest today by Sierra in its video diary series with developer The Odd Gentlemen. “King’s Quest – Music with Character” goes inside the studio for a listen at how story sets the tone for King’s Quest’s new soundtrack. For composer David Stanton, scoring a world teeming with as many fantastic creatures and strange personalities as King’s Quest demanded a thematic approach, one in which the unique essences of the characters inform the music that accompanies them. As an aging King Graham guides players back through the lost tales of his youth, those recurring motifs will be critical to exploring the people and events that shaped his destiny from humble beginnings to heroic nobility.

If you’ve missed any  of previous developer diary entries, you can find them here in ThisisXbox by using the following links:

The first chapter of King’s Quest is due for release on Xbox 360 and Xbox One later this year as a digital download.

Are you drawn to a King’s Quest?


Sierra Games have coerced and cajoled King’s Quest developer The Odd Gentlemen to divulge some of the secrets of creating this timeless classic of the gaming world on the new consoles.

Sit back and relax while Art Director Evan Cagle and game Producer, Linsey Rostal talk you through how the compelling and beautiful world of King’s Quest is created, a technique that required re-learning from the lessons of old, back to the 1990s when Sierra had devised a means for traditional artists to draw out their ideas before scanning them in and having them fine-tuned digitally.

This is the third in a four part “behind the scenes” series for the game, which is due out later this year on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.