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Suit-up for The Surge


Deck13 are probably most known for the frankly amazing Lords of the Fallen. The German-based developer also have a host of other titles that they’ve worked on under their ever-expanding belts and soon, they’ll be adding another. Tackling the RPG genre once more will be The Surge and Deck13 have produced some lovely Exo-suit armour images to whet your appetite.

The Surge is set in a heavily dystopian future, as Earth nears the end of its life. Those who remain in the overpopulated cities must work to survive as social programs become saturated by an aging population and increasing environmental diseases. Technological intelligence has increased greatly over the years with many jobs for humans having been made redundant, forcing citizens to head out into the suburbs, seeking work. This work is aided by exoskeletons, to improve their efficiency.

The world of The Surge offers a very grim vision of the future, where exo-suit aided combat is an everyday occurrence.

Deck13 have released three new screenshots showing off some of the exo-skeletons, giving some insight in to the attack and defence capabilities of these powered suits, from the international in-game corporation, CREO.


This first shot shows us the Liquidator. It is fitted with industrial attachments for use in areas prone to hazardous materials spillage. This armour offers super-human resistance to radiation, fire and toxic spills, ideal for those little jobs around the house.


The second shot shows off CREO’s Proteus medium physical protection armour set. This is an experimental armour, used by certain CREO security personnel. Proteus is light-weight and advanced, granting a small health regeneration in The Surge. As it only needs medium core power cost, it leaves some extra juice available for implants.


The final shot showcases a mixture of armour. Lynx was developed for workers needing speed and flexibility and it lacks physical and elemental protection. Also present in this shot is MG Gorgon and Black Cerberus elements, designed for heavy security and riot control. This shot demonstrates the ability to salvage bits and pieces of kit, scavenged in battle.

The Surge is scheduled for a 2017 release on Xbox One and will feature a deep crafting and upgrade system as well as visceral hardcore RPG action.

The Surge opens up with new artwork


So, who liked Lords of the Fallen? Developer Deck 13 have today revealed the first set of artwork from their brand new IP, The Surge.

This hardcore new action RPG will feature tight combat mechanics and unique, exciting equipment and an upgrade system that’s bizarrely tied to dismemberment.

This new artwork gives us a sneak-peek at an industrial R&D project blueprint and we learn about this dystopian world with some PR from CREO founder Jonah Guttenberg. This in-game mysterious industrial company manufactures and designs products associated with The Surge, commissioned by the billionaire philanthropist.

This will, of course have huge consequences for the world, and for you as the player.

The Surge is speeding it’s way to Xbox One in 2017.