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Prepare to open the Book of Demons

Book of Demons

It’s been a while since we had a dungeon crawler in a similar vein to Hero Quest. Wait? Hero Quest, what’s that? Head here and all will be revealed. It was a big deal back in the 90’s. Developer, Thing Trunk, looks to be re-introducing the genre to old and new gamers alike in Book of Demons.

In this new IP, you’ll take control of one of three characters, taking part in an epic but humerous quest to save Paperverse from total destruction. Fight the Archdemon as Warrior, Rogue or Mage. There is a difference with Book of Demons though. Instead of taking the genre into it’s fated hack and slash statfest, it comes at it from a new angle. The game will use a card system to upgrade your character’s abilities. Combine skill cards to compose your own power decks.

This all sounds very simple but be warned, there is no magic card set that will fit all of the situations that you will stumble into. To survive, you’ll have to constantly tweak your deck to unleash new strategies and implement regular adjustments to your skill collections.

Book of Demons will also allow you to set the length of your quest. Take on a five minute mission or set it to be a much longer adventure of epic proportions to challenge your skills. It’s entirely up to you. Shorter missions do not necessarily mean that they are easier though.

The game will feature over 70 monster species with a further brigade of evil bosses including the nasty archdemon to defeat. There will also be a freeplay mode, where players can hone their skills, master the quests and rise to the challenge by completing the game on higher difficulty levels.

Book of Demons will be an Xbox One console exclusive and is likely to be coming in the Autumn of 2016 through the ID@Xbox program..