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This is the Police coming to Xbox in March


Back in April last year THQ Nordic hinted that their PC hit, This is the Police, would be heading to Xbox One, but only really teased us with a release date. Today, THQ Nordic have confirmed the date that This is the Police will be patrolling Xbox One consoles up and down the land.

The press release for this announcement comes in the form of a letter from the game’s protagonist, Freeburg PD Chief of Police, Jack Boyd and reads as follows;

Dear PC Community,

Allow me to briefly introduce myself. My name is Boyd, Jack Boyd, Freeburg’s Police Chief in charge, and I hereby would like to revoke our exclusivity.

To cut to the chase: the PCMR (not only the subreddit, but the entire PC gaming community) had me exclusively for quite some time now. Here are some alternative facts for you: After playing my gritty ass for 1.7 million hours, raking in 85 billion dollars of corruption money (President Trump, let me pay for that wall), and protecting the mob from tens of thousands of charges and felonies, I think it is time to move on.

After offering my services on the PC platform over the past couple of months, I’m tired, exhausted, bored and just need a change of scenery. I recently got an offer from two competing platform holders in that department. I would like to do without the usual name-dropping of Microsoft and Sony, but sometimes a man’s gotta do, what a man’s gotta do.

I hope you are not disappointed when our period of exclusivity is over, and that I would like to start working on other platforms beginning with March 22nd 2017.

Best Regards,

Jack Boyd
Chief of Police, Freeburg PD

Personally, I found that rather novel.

This is the Police is a strategy – adventure game set in a city spiraling into the drain. Taking on the role of Jack Boyd, you’ll dive deep into a story of crime and intrigue. Will Jack reach his retirement with a huge pile of cash, or will he end up dead broke, or just dead?

You’ll need to make $500,000 in 180 game days and it’s completely up to you how that is done. The game is all about a dark story and how you react to it. Whatever you decide, your choices will influence the game.

Find the bad guys and decide how you’ll deal with them. Face the challenges of being the Chief, including defending the force in City Hall against a corrupt Mayor. Solve investigations and gather evidence against criminal gangs and deal with the competing powers of the City.

As Jack has already told you, above, This is the Police is out on the 22nd of March.

Hands up, This is the Police

this is the police chief

To celebrate a new publishing deal with EuroVideo Games, developer Weappy LLC have released a dark new story trailer for the incoming cop story, This is the Police.

This new trailer explains some of the story behind Police Chief Jack Boyd. Jack’s been handed his notice after decades running the Force. He’s put himself in danger, did his duty and stayed an honest cop. How has he been treated? He’s been handed a letter from the City Mayor – “Thank you. You are fired. Please leave in 180 days“. Charming.

How will Jack Boyd respond? The only way he knows how. “To hell with it!“.

Take control of Police Chief Jack Boyd then, as he spends his last 180 days on Freeburg City’s Force. Your aim is clear. $50,000 needs to be in Jack’s bank account before he leaves office. It is totally up to you how this happens. By fair means or foul, fill your coffers with the fruits of your labour.

You’ll get the opportunity to co-operate with the Mafia, take bribes, sell confiscated weapons and more in order to get the greenbacks rolling in. Be careful though. You will have to find a way to balance your daily policing duties and making this money, all without getting into trouble. The important thing to remember¬† is not to indict yourself. That would be just silly.

This is the Police will be playable for those of you lucky enough to be heading to PAX East from the 22nd – 24th of April

The game looks to be in the same style as the Amiga classic, Flashback. This is a method called Rotoscope and takes live action footage and crafts the animation around this. It might not be Rotoscope, though, it may just be in the style of.

This is the Police will head to PC first this summer with the Xbox One release following shortly after this.

Have a look at the trailer below. Recognise Chief Jack’s voice? It’s none other than Duke Nukem. The brilliant Jon St.John. You’re welcome.