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Thumper releasing on Xbox in August – 4K Version hinted!

In case you missed the hype about Thumper in 2016, its a “Rhythm Violence” game where you play as a space beetle and your nemesis is a maniacal giant head. Wait, stay with me here dear reader, because its an awful lot better than it sounds.

Originally released on the PS4, PSVR and the Occulus VR system, Thumper gained many accolades in 2016, and was well up on peoples Game Of The Year lists, and it’s finally coming to Xbox One on August 18th 2017.

Marc Flury, co-founder of developer Drool said “If you’re looking forward to the release of Xbox One X this Fall, we hope to have more good news soon. For now, let’s just say we think Thumper looks amazing in native 4K!” which obviously points to an update to the game for Xbox One X when its released in November!

In an interview with Xbox Wire, Marc also said:

“Back in 2009, my co-developer Brian Gibson and I were blown away by the sudden wave of groundbreaking and successful indie games on Xbox 360. Classics like Braid, Super Meat Boy, and Castle Crashers inspired us to quit our jobs, build our own game engine, and start crafting Thumper from scratch. Our goal was to bring a unique vision of rhythm gaming to Xbox 360. Well, eight years and a console generation later, the dream is finally realized!

We think Thumper shines on Xbox One. The key element to “rhythm violence” is how good it feels to play. So of course, the Xbox One controller is ideal for our game because if feels so dang good! We’ve fine-tuned the game’s controls to feel perfect on the Xbox One. We also take advantage of the controller’s impulse trigger vibrations. As you scrape into rails, slam into turns, and slide across lanes, you’ll feel an immersive stereo vibration effect through the triggers.

We’re also excited to announce Thumper isn’t only coming to Xbox One on August 18. It will also debut in the Windows Store on the same day. The Windows 10 version of Thumper includes full integration with Xbox Live, so all your progress, achievements, and leaderboard rankings will be synced across both versions.”