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Titanfall Beta News – One Day Extension confirmed



With the Titanfall Beta test now open to all gamers with an Xbox One, Respawn’s Vince Zampella has taken to Twitter to update on all the extra behind the scenes work being done to get everyone playing and enjoying Titanfall. During which, Zampella has announced that the beta will run for an extra day to make up for any downtime suffered during the beta weekend.

So it will now run until Tuesday the 18th February. Make sure you follow Vince Zampella on Twitter for the most up to date information regarding the Titanfall Beta.

Titanfall Beta Gameplay Video

Titanfall is quite literally the hottest trend around on Twitter right now and on search engines with ‘BETA’ being an active keyword through-out. As many gamers are scrambling for redeem codes on Xbox One from friends, or trying to win competitions; others are actually on their consoles right now playing it to death. Titanfall is already a sure successful hit, but whilst you’re waiting for a Titanfall Beta Code to be emailed to you from EA, sat entering comps on Twitter, praying for hope or just plain desperate for a code that you’ll do anything…

…why not check out the first few minutes in to it with the video above to whet your gaming appetite some more? Alternatively you can read our Hands-On Preview when ThisisXbox’s Sean T McCarthy strolled into the exclusive London event.

We do hope you all receive your codes soon – FYI, EA has updated Twitter with information confirming that codes are still being mailed out for those who registered and can still register on Titanfall.com/Beta

Have a great weekend!