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Halo: The Master Chief Collection title update incoming

343 Industries’ uber-useful blog site, Waypoint, has updated details on the next title update for The Master Chief Collection. Although the update is brief and doesn’t contain too much in the way of detail, it does point out that the next update should be hitting consoles “..in the next few days” as it is currently […]

Titanfall – New Patch Brings Private Matches and Fixes Today

  Respawn have released an update today that brings for the first time the option to host Private Matches on Titanfall. The update also brings a host of fixes for issues reported on Xbox One and some game balancing. It follows the release of Titanfall for Xbox 360 in the US on Tuesday and ahead […]

FIFA 14 – Xbox ONE Stability Patch Now Available

Football hooligan’s on Xbox ONE can now download the latest patch for Fifa 14. The fix which has been available on the PS4 for some time has now been made available for Xbox ONE gamers. Below is a list of improvements. The new title update addresses the following: Some stability issues when entering Online matches. […]

Xbox One – Microsoft’s Marc Witten Says Xbox One Update Will Address User Feedback

  Since the Xbox One launch on November 22nd, there have been many user complaints over certain features the Xbox One offers. Now for the first time in an interview with Engadget, Xbox Chief Product Office Marc Whitten has confirmed that user feedback is to be addressed in a system update coming soon. “The feedback we’ve […]

EA Sports Release First FIFA 14 Title Update

  EA have released the first Title Update for recently released FIFA 14 after reports of balancing problems and game freezing. Via the EA Fifa Forums the following fixes feature in the title update: • Balancing lofted through balls.  • Balancing attacking headers.  • Balancing finesse shots.  • Improved defender switching during crosses.  • Freezes while making […]

GTA Online – Rockstar Details New Title Update

  Following the second title update for GTA Online last week which sought to resolve the technical issues with creating new characters and completing the first tutorial missions, more problems arose with players reporting the total loss of characters and their collected items in the game. Rockstar Support will be releasing title update 1.03 by end […]

GTA Online – Xbox 360 Patch Now Live

Rockstar and Microsoft have finally released a Title update they say will help cure some of the online technical issues Xbox users have suffered since the online mode launched October 1st Update: The latest GTA Online title update has now gone live for Xbox 360. http://t.co/78OqiH9AJm — Rockstar Games (@RockstarGames) October 5, 2013 Title update […]

Gears of War: Judgment – Download Haven DLC Pack Free With This Link

Gears of War: Judgment has seen the first DLC pack release early as a nice Easter surprise from Epic Games and People Can Fly. To coincide with the early release of Execution Mode and a map named Haven – a new title update is a required download as detailed below. Title Update Details From Epic […]

Latest Black Ops 2 Patch Now Adds Kinect Camera Support

The latest title update for Black Ops 2 is now live and adds a number of improvements and tweaks as listed below. The entire list of fixes comes courtesy of the official Call of Duty community blog. Read below for all the information:

Modern Warfare 3 DLC Profile Lock Being Fixed

It has come to light that the recently released new Maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Piazza and Liberation are profile locked. This means that other profiles registered and used by the console can not access the content – but a fix is definitely on the way.