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MagNets getting Fully Charged in March


Total Monkery Games have been having a positively amazing time, polishing off their next title to hit the Xbox One. MagNets: Fully Charged will see you gathering trash as a smart little robot, using magnets to attract the valuable garbage to your nets.

Fight to restore order in Polarity City, one arena at a time. This arcade-style collector will see you capturing malfunctioning Bloxbots in your electromagnetic nets, ultimately using the scrap for upgrades.

The title will now run in 60fps at 1080p after Total Monkery decided to take advantage of moving from Unity 4 to Unity 5. The graphics have also had an update over the original concepts.

The good news, the game has now had a release date scheduled for the 11th of March. So, fire up your electromagnetic nets, it’s collectin’ time.

Here’s a taster of the action you can expect.

Microsoft support Plymouth based Total Monkery

Total Monkery Logo

Plymouth based indie developer Total Monkery have today revealed they’ve successfully secured support from both Creative England (celebrating the most innovative UK businesses in the creative industry) and Microsoft via their Greenshoots programme. This support will enable them to develop its action puzzle game ElemenTales (due for release on mobile in June) for both PC and Xbox.

ElemenTales follows the adventures of four brothers who have been cursed to exist in the form of the classic elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The brothers must solve puzzles and collect hidden objects in order to progress through the levels, combining their talents but being careful not to drain each other’s powers.

The Greenshoots support will enable the company, who were highlighted in Creative England’s CE50 report on innovative businesses in January, to continue to develop a solid base of original games.

Total Monkery founder, Richard Weeks, also brings his wealth of industry experience (including time at Psygnosis and LucasArts) to his other role as an Associate Lecturer in programming at Plymouth University, and the company is keen to foster strong links with academia and support the broader development community in the region.

It’s great to see UK studios receiving the support they require and we at TiX cannot wait to see Total Monkery’s future projects released on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Good luck from everyone at TiX  – to Richard, Andrea, Will, Frederick, Anya and everyone else involved at Total Monkery.

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MagNets hoping to pull in the fans through ID@Xbox


Thursdays, must be ID@Xbox announcement day down at the Indie developer’s pub. Hot on the heels of other ID@Xbox program games, UK developer Total Monkery have announced MagNets will be coming to Xbox One this year.

Headed by former LucasArts developer, Richard Weeks, Total Monkery are set to release this robot collect-’em-up this year.

Everything was perfect in Polarity City, until so many of the Bloxbots you are tasked with maintaining keep going wrong. As a robotic Park Ranger, you are required to capture them in your electromagnetic net, or MagNet, and short circuit them. Deliver them to the Recycletron in return for bonus goodies. Something is very wrong though, where are all the Magnapets and why are all the Bloxbots going wrong? Save Polarity City from this potential catastrophe and be the robotic, magnetic hero you were manufactured to be.

Promising fast arcade action, MagNets is aiming to launch in late March, early April. Have a look at the gameplay trailer below and see if it’s something you’ll be looking at investing in.