Tower of Guns

Developer Interview: Grip Games and Terrible Posture Games

Tower of Guns was released on Xbox One on the 10th of April, introducing us to the insane spectacle and experience of a bullet-hell, first-person shooter with Rougelike randomisation and permadeath. W...[Read More]

Tower of Guns review

Dozens of cannons and other firearms popping into existence and firing volleys of shells, spiked balls, saw blades and other projectiles directly at you, a quirky set of stories, menacing robotic mons...[Read More]

Tower of Guns coming to Xbox One

You know our bullet loving friends over at GRIP Digital and Terrible Posture Games, right? No? Well regardless they informed us today that Terrible Posture’s indie hit Tower Of Guns is poised to unlea...[Read More]

Grip Games shows off Tower of Guns’ bullet hell

Grip Games are gearing up for the release of the Unreal Engine-powered Tower of Guns this spring. They have released a new gameplay trailer showcasing the bullet hell contained within the tower. Seven...[Read More]

Grip Games opens the Tower of Guns

Grip Games, the publishers behind the frankly brilliant Unmechanical: Extended, have announced a new Unreal Engine based title coming in Q2 of 2015. Looking like a hybrid of Doom, Quake and any tower ...[Read More]