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Trials Evolution: Player-Made Madness Trailer

Ubisoft has released a new promo trailer showcasing some of the efforts of user generated content across their smash hit Xbox LIVE Arcade game – Trails Evolution.

Trials Evolution Grabs 500K Players In Its First Month

Ubisoft and RedLynx are boasting today that Trials Evolution, the Xbox LIVE Arcade game we rated 10/10 recently is continuing to break records, having amassed more than 500,000 players on its global Leaderboards since its launch a month ago!

Trials Evolution Review

Simplicity is a beautiful word. It doesn’t want to confuse and frustrate, it has no need for overcomplicated ideas and confuddling brainwaves and it positively guffaws at those believers in more is better.

Trials Evolution – Map Editor Trailer

Are you excited for the launch of one the Xbox LIVE Arcades hotly anticipated titles? Kicking off the Arcade NEXT season of games promoted by Microsoft, is RedLynx and Ubisoft’s Trials Evolution and today’s new trailer shows the great range of features in the Map Editor.

Microsoft’s Arcade NEXT Promo for XBLA – New Games, Higher Gamerscore

The Xbox LIVE Arcade’s highly anticipated titles for 2012 all come together to make up the Arcade NEXT bundle of games releasing onto the Xbox LIVE Arcade from 18th April through to 9th May 2012. A new game every wednesday with 400 Gamerscore and up to 30 Achievements to unlock launch the new gamerscore improvements […]

Trials Evolution – New Inside Xbox Video

Just when you had put the game to the back of your mind because the delayed release has totally screwed up your year of Xbox LIVE Arcade games, comes an all new video!