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Livelock review

Livelock is one of the best examples of its genre. It’s an impressive package that expertly balances its setting, mechanics, difficulty, pacing and visual prowess to provide an isometric twin-stick shooter that’s superb fun to play alone or with friends.

You play as one of three Capital Intellects; human minds uploaded into towering robots armed to the teeth with weapons. You are a failsafe, designed to fix any problems that occur over the eons between Earth being irradiated with gamma rays, destroying all organic life, and the time humans can return to the planet, their minds having been stored digitally in several massive storage servers. Of course, something went wrong, with the planet now embroiled in a war between robotic factions. You and your two fellow Capital Intellects must bring an end to the corrupted robotic forces and secure the stored human minds.

It’s an intriguing story that spins a pleasant tale with a handful of twists and revelations over the course of the 6-8 hour campaign. Furthermore, your robot foes have their own leadership and elite forces for you to exchange dialogue with in a Saturday morning cartoon fashion that’s hard not to enjoy. Of course, the Transformers comparison is inevitable, this is especially so with the voice-work, which is largely excellent and some notable one-liners serving up a chuckle or smile, however, it’s treads a darker line than that of everybody’s favourite robots in disguise, therefore it soon differentiates itself enough to become its own original thing.


Whilst an intricate tale is being spun, this translates mechanically to shooting and bashing copious amounts of robots, and it’s terrific fun. The isometric view makes everything looks so small yet at the same time, thanks to detailed environments with derelict buildings and vehicles as well as natural features such as trees and rivers, also provides a wonderful sense of scale. Whichever of the three robots you choose – Hex the ranged weapon specialist, Vanguard the melee specialist, or Catalyst the support specialist – you’re inhabiting a hulking great metal beast of a machine. During the explosive fire fights you’ll knock cars incidentally and send them skidding across the battlefield. Meanwhile, you can walk through most walls, suffering the slightest of slowdown to your gait. You absolutely feel like a huge, unstoppable robot, which is excellent.

The sound design further sales your metal might, with thunderous steps as you walk and shriek of steel on steel as your shred your enemies component from component. Additionally, absolutely stunning visuals and enemy design provides unique robotic monstrosities to combat, a strikingly saturated colour palette, and some of the most impressive particle and weapon effects seen in the genre. But it’s the shadows that really pull you in. Everything onscreen casts one, with framerates largely staying smooth and fast. As the battlefield is changed by the destruction of walls and scattering of debris, new shadows are formed dynamically. It’s marvellous.


However, as previously hinted, there are occasions when the on-screen action compromises the framerate, but it’s thankfully rare and short-lived when it does occur. Additionally, Livelock supports up to three player cooperative play but online only, which is a bit of a shame for couch co-op fans.

If you do venture online for cooperative play you’ll find excellent difficulty scaling to match the player count. Whether playing alone or with others, the challenge is ideally crafted to offer you an intense fight that is often barely winnable, keeping the satisfaction of victory always high and rewarding.


Shooting and smashing robots in intense battles across a variety of locations ends up feeling more akin to Diablo than any traditional twin-stick shooter. The inclusion of melee combat options as well as a host of different special attacks on cool-downs, of which you can only have three equipped at one time, further this similarity. A secondary mode to the story-driven campaign, Open Protocol, builds on the comparison, allowing you to take on levels without the narrative threads and concentrate on high scores and gaining more experience. With experience comes more weapon options to unlock and upgrade, allowing you to customise your characters to a significant degree, even to the point of changing their class specific specialisation, such as equipping Vanguard with ranged weapons instead of his default melee ones. It’s superbly customisable and allows you to shape your characters however you feel or to what best suits your team if playing online.


With weapons and abilities unlocked with experience, loot is kept to a minimum and comes in the form of Firmware for your characters, allowing you to customise their colour, their head and their cape. Collecting capes may sound daft but seeing it flap in the breeze as you tear through hordes of mechanical foes is both heroic and awesome.

Indeed, Livelock is excellent, from the hugely satisfying destruction from the environment and enemies, the complex and unique enemy design – to the point where they’ll limp under the weight of their arsenal – to the thematically excellent soundtrack with unexpected layers of instruments that gives Livelock a one of a kind musical score. It’s a tremendous title and a champion of its genre, hurt quite a bit by a lack of local coop and ever so slightly by the odd hit to the framerate.

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Tuque’s Livelock launch date confirmed


It’s been announced, delayed and teased to us and now Perfect World Entertainment can finally reveal the nailed on release date for Tuque Games’ top-down action-packed shooter, Livelock.

This shooter is based in a post-human world, where machines are waging a never-ending war against each other. Nearly a century after the cataclysm, it’s up to you to restore what’s left of humanity.

Taking control of a Capital Intellect, a human consciousness uploaded into a large mechanical war machine, you have the unenviable task of destroying the corrupt Clusters. These gangs of diseased machines now control what is left of the earth. Armed with special weapons and abilities, you must break the cycle of this infinite war before humanity is forgotten altogether.

Take control of one of three characters, Hex, Vanguard and Catalyst, each with their own unique attributes. Hex is an all-rounder, focusing on dealing damage with high-impact precision weapons. Vanguard is a juggernaut of a mech, steam-rolling the enemy into destruction. Catalyst is a master tactician, commanding a squad of drones that execute her orders.

Don’t be fooled though, these mechs are in for a tough time. The Clusters are full of hardened war veterans. They’re so tough that you might need some help from your friends. Which is handy as the game features a co-operative multiplayer mode.

Whatever your preference with Livelock, Tuque Games and Perfect World Entertainment have catered for your needs. Get tactical, go for the brutal approach or head down the precision road. It’s up to you, in your efforts to wipe out the Clusters and stop this war.

So, when can you look to get your eager hands on the game? Tuque and Perfect World have today announced that it will be available on Xbox One from the 30th of August.

You can find out a little more about Livelock here but before you do that, here’s the story trailer for the game. You lucky people.

Tuque Games’ Livelock delayed


Tuque Games are hard at work, putting the finishing touches to the top-down co-operative shooter, Livelock.

In order to ensure the best possible experience for players across all platforms, Perfect World Entertainment and the developers have regrettably announced that the release of Livelock will be delayed.

Originally scheduled for a 2nd of August release, the game takes you on a journey into the 22nd Century. Humanity is on the brink of collapse. Fight as Capital Intellect, a human consciousness uploaded into a large mechanical war frame. Defeat a host of Clusters with your arsenal of weapons. These corrupted groups of machines are fighting each other for control of the Earth’s last resources in an infinite war.

You’re charged with breaking this cycle and saving humanity before it is forgotten altogether. Team up with your friends in co-operative multiplayer and be the hero that saves the species.

So, as if to tease you with what you can look forward to from the game, here’s the PAX East developer walkthrough from Tuque, released earlier this year.

While no new release date has been finalised for Livelock, we’re confident that this extra time will allow Tuque to tweak and test to fine tune the title and when they are happy with it, then we’ll see a commercial release. Until then, we’ll have to content ourselves with walkthroughs and trailers.

As soon as we know a release date, we’ll bring it to you, so keep it locked to TiX.

Livelock release date revealed


Perfect World Entertainment, publisher of the Neverwinter MMORPG have revealed the release date for the highly anticipated new co-operative top-down shooter, Livelock.

Developed by Tuque Games, Livelock will combine fast-paced co-operative action and unique character abilities as you strive to restore humanity in the 22nd Century. In this age of machines, you will fight against Clusters. These groups of the corrupted are fighting each other in an infinite war over Earth’s resources. This now threatens the very planet itself.

Take control of Capital Intellect, a human consciousness uploaded into a large mechanical body armed with a unique arsenal of weapons and special abilities.

Break the inifinite war’s cycle and save humanity before it’s forgotten altogether.

Livelock will be heading to Xbox One on the 2nd of August.

TiX Podcast: E3 Approaches

Welcome to the This is Xbox Podcast.

Join Greg Giddens and Steve Peacock and for a new episode of the This is Xbox Podcast – episode 28 E3 Approaches.

In this episode the pair discuss Overwatch, recent reviews that have hit the TiX site, what they’d expect to see at E3, and they interview lead designer at Tuque Games, Kevin Neibert, about upcoming twin-stick coop shooter Livelock. (time stamp: 52.40) And of course the usual silly banter you’d expect.


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Livelock PAX East developer walkthrough video

Kevin Neibert, lead game designer at Tuque Games, dives into the details about the cooperative apocalypse experience shown during PAX East 2016 in this latest video.

The walkthrough highlights some combat functions of each character as well as the unpredictability of enemies that will require players to strategically approach combat when playing the upcoming top-down shooter.

You can check out the walkthrough video below:

Catalyst revealed for Livelock

livelock 1

A few weeks on from it’s announcement and Perfect World have now completed the character reveals for it’s new shooter, Livelock.

This new trailer features a sassy female robotic character. From the dialogue in the scenes below, Catalyst is all heart. She’s a skilled fighter, a trained soldier and a born leader. This character rounds out the main protagonists in Livelock. These are Capital Intellect’s finest. Humanity’s last great hope. These intellects inhabiting battle chassis are called The Few and all were living breathing beings before The Cataclysm.

Catalyst was a member of the Armed Forces, carrying on her family’s legacy of military service. Now, her battle functions are enabled by a small squad of combat drones that she commands. Catalyst seeks to uphold the honour of her family in the new war, raging across Earth’s ravaged 22nd Century surface.

Livelock will transport you into that nightmare scenario, a century after The Cataclysm. Humanity is on the brink of survival. Clusters of corrupted machines control what remains inhabitable of the planet, fighting with each other over precious resources. Take control of Capital Intellect and destroy these clusters in a fast-paced top-down shooter.

Catalyst joins Vanguard and Hex as the playable characters in Livelock, which will launch in 2016 on Xbox One.

Livelock announced for Xbox One


Neverwinter publisher, Perfect World Entertainment have announced that they will be bringing Tuque Games’ first venture to Xbox One in 2016. Titled Livelock, the game will transport players to the 22nd Century, an age of machines.

Humanity is on the brink of survival after a cataclysm and clusters of corrupt machines control whatever remains inhabitable on Earth. In-fighting reigns as they try to control much needed resources in an infinite war. You take control of Capital Intellect, a human consciousness uploaded into a large, powerful mechanical body.

Armed with a variety of weapons and special abilities, Capital Intellect must destroy the corrupt machine clusters and break the cycle before humanity is forgotten, lost to the annals of history.

The game will primarily be a top-down shooter, promising sharp combat and fast-paced action when it hits console sometime in 2016.