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Time is running out for Evolve #StageUp

What lies in Evolve’s future? The answer to that could be unveiled later today as the timer that recently appeared on the game’s official website expires at 17:00 BST.

Evolve launched to quite the mixed reception – In Greg’s review he felt that:

Evolve is quite the Marmite game, personally I love it but I know many people who really don’t. It looks amazing, the level designs are superb, although you could argue that there isn’t enough colour in the game’s level palette. The sound design is awesome and I highly recommend you have a surround sound headset to get the most from it. Some of the modes need tweaking slightly as do some of the weapon power – I’m looking at you Rich – that Rail gun is devastating in the right hands.

Dave and I had a blast stalking the monster but ultimately it failed to hold our attention after the honeymoon period – that said – I have high hopes that if Evolve 2 is announced, Turtle Rock will implement enough nips and tucks to make the ultimate online monster stalking game.

So what do you want? Co-op monsters versus a larger team? A story mode? How about build-a-monster? We will know soon enough…

‘Jack’ into Evolve with a new character and map


Evolve has evolved its own gameplay into Hunt 2.0, which includes a whole host of changes and tweaks that were expressed by the community and is launched via patch 5.0 – the full patch notes can be found over on the game’s official website. To coincide with the patch, Turtle Rock have also unveiled a new Hunter and map.

Murder Pits, a free-of-charge pit-fighting stadium, features a variety of areas, each with a different challenge:

  • ‘Jail’ houses dangerous wildlife, freed by doors that open randomly.
  • Outhouse’ is a straightforward arena encouraging control of the high ground.
  • Quarry’ carves out a tall, narrow environment stacked with rooms.
  • ‘Saloon’ features a series of rooms surrounding a deadly Tyrant pool.
  • ‘Slaughter House’ contains two chambers separated by a wall that can only be opened by the Monster.

The new Hunter that has entered the arena world of Evolve goes by the name of Jack, or as he likes to be known, The Jackal – a dual wielding Trapper who favours pistols. Jack also has access to a survey satellite that he happened to ‘stumble across’, or rather hack! And what’s a Trapper if they don’t have a means to ‘trap’ the monster? Jack has Repulsor gloves that stop the monster dead in its tracks.

Jack can be added to your Hunter roster for a small fee or downloaded for free as part of Evolve’s Season 2 Hunting Pass.




Sit back and ‘observe’ some Evolve


Turtle Rock Studios always planned for their monster title to take the eSports scene by storm – to help move this along a little bit they have announced plans to bring a brand new “Observer” mode to Evolve.

Coming “soon”, the mode will introduce a variety of spectator options, which are aimed at bringing the game to the masses via an additional player being able to join and control a variety of viewpoints and stream the game via twitch – there’s even a Daisy cam!

For full details on “Observer” mode visit Evolve’s official website.

Evolve digital pre-order bonus announced

evolve 3

I like free stuff. Free stuff is always good.

Evidently, 2K Games also like giving away free stuff.  Pre-order the digital version of Evolve on the Xbox One and you’ll be getting the following extra content in the game.

  • Exclusive access to the monster Wraith
  • Hunter Parnell
  • Hunter Abe
  • Hunter Caira
  • Hunter Cabot

As if this wasn’t incentive enough, you’ll get access to these in the Xbox One exclusive beta, which launches on the 15th of January.

To qualify for this unlocked content, you’ll need to place your digital pre-order before or during the beta period, so, hurry, you’ve only got a few days left.

Other players will have to work to unlock these characters, so you’ll have, not only some experience in playing the game when it’s released, but the helping hand of extra characters for support.

The beta, as mentioned, is out on January the 15th, with the game itself scheduled for release on the 10th of February.


Evolve – Savage Goliath Preorder Bonus

Evolve Savage Goliath

2K Games  and Turtle Rock Studios have announced pre-order details for Evolve, the studio’s sci-fi monster hunt – order it now to receive the Monster Expansion Pack at launch, which grants access to a new monster character as soon as it becomes available. Check out the trailer below and let us know if you’ll be preordering the game or waiting until after release to pick this up.

Evolve is out for Xbox One on 21/10/2014 – next week.

Evolve – 4v1 Trailer


The hunt is on in Evolve! Experience 4v1 combat featuring commentary by Aaron “Ayesee” Chambers and Chris Ashton, co-founder and design director at Turtle Rock Studios.

Now experience the thrill of 4v1 from every perspective in an interactive, multi-channel trailer featuring commentary by Aaron “Ayesee” Chambers and Turtle Rock Studios’ Chris Ashton.

INSTRUCTIONS: Turn Annotations [ON] | The in-game HUD elements like health bars, jetpack meters, and player names have been hidden for this video. You can track Goliath’s health and Hunters’ incap states from the controls at the bottom of the screen. Use the annotations on the same overlay to switch between perspectives in real-time throughout the match.