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Project Cars and Namco Bandi team up for 24-hour GamerBlast stream


This weekend sees a lot of gaming streams go live for a very good cause, no doubt some of your favourite twitchers will be getting involved in aid of Special Effect. Well, Namco Bandi are teaming up with the good folks with Project Cars in their 24-hour Gamerblast stream.

The stream will feature never before seen in game footage of the upcoming racer. from 10:30 to 11:30 and 13:00 to 14:00 on Saturday, February 21 tune into http://www.twitch.tv/gameblastlive to see Andy Tudor, creative director on Project Cars, and Namco’s very own Lee Kirton showing off the latest footage of Project Cars.

There will be a second session with Andy and Lee shown on GinxTV’s Twitch account – http://www.twitch.tv/ginxtv/ – between 15:00 and 16:00

For more information on GameBlast LIVE visit Special Effect’s website and we urge you to donate via the GameBlast JustGiving page.

Twitch gets a huge update for Xbox One

Twitch has received a major update which brings a whole host of brand new features to the streaming service on Xbox One. Here to fill you in on all you need to know is Major Nelson…

Xbox One helped cement Twitch’s place in the living room with its robust set of features,” said Annie Berrones, Director of Product Marketing, Twitch. “With this impressive set of updates, including the ability to now follow the games you want, view archived videos and have access to more advanced directories, video game streaming and spectating as part of the home entertainment experience is only going to get stronger.

Michel Ancel and his team To Stream Rayman Legends on twitch.tv


On Friday, March 14th from 4:30pm to 6:30pm, Michel Ancel and other members of the development team that created Rayman Legends, the Award-Winning Platformer, will play live from Montpellier (France) on twitch.tv on the Ubisoft channel. For 2 hours, they will explore each world, the Invasion mode and compete on the Kung Foot mode. Michel Ancel and his team will take this opportunity to answer live questions from fans.

Rayman Legends on Xbox One scored 90% from ThisisXbox.com:

Could anything be more fun than just wallowing in a fantasy land that will remind you of everything the older consoles had to offer for gamers? Rayman Legends is not just a modern platformer; the gameplay feels as good as your childhood platforming memories with collectables, elements of trial and error, fun and bright chapters that offer an equal amount of danger with a plentiful amount of frustrating moments to give you the urge not to be beat. Platformers do not usually require a great amount of skill, but instead it’s about timing your moves carefully and always waiting for the right moment to strike. Just like other Rayman titles, in the latest game you are still faced with moving ledges, timing your jumps, sprinting when required, a selection of random enemies scattered throughout the chapters and the objective of freeing Teensies from capture and additionally collecting the Lums.

Remember to bookmark the Ubisoft Channel on twitch.tv: http://www.twitch.tv/ubisoft

Full Twitch Streaming Will Finally Arrive on March 11th



After a delay, from March 11th Xbox One users will finally be able to stream their gameplay to Twitch, as its App will get an update bringing new features to the One.

Up to now, all users could do was spectate other people’s streams on Twitch and use the Xbox One Upload to record and share gameplay clips. This update is yet another one to tie in with the release of Titanfall on March 14th, theFPS giant that Microsoft is pretty much using to relaunch the Xbox One console. The update will also include chat features and the ability for users to broadcast as they stream with Xbox One’s Kinect.

Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft Vice President, said of the news:

“This will open up the social aspect of Xbox One in a new way, the community of Twitch is huge, and this allows us to type into that, and frankly do something that’s never been done before on consoles. You’ll be able to broadcast to any device and consume anyone’s broadcast from any device. It’s a console experience unique to the Xbox One.”

Xbox One Gameplay Streaming ‘Months away’


Earlier in the week @TwitchTVSupport advised us that Xbox One streaming could still be months away and that it was Microsoft withholding the date, not Twitch themselves;

This is hugely disappointing for a large number of Xbox One gamers and broadcasters who want to get rolling with their new channels/streams. No one is entirely sure what the delay is. It could be a deliberately planned course of action to force more users into using the fun yet limited features of Microsoft’s own Upload Studio or it could be they are trying to ensure the same problems that Sony faced with users broadcasting themselves having sex in the augmented reality demo The Playroom, don’t happen again.

In the mean time Xbox One users can still download the Twitch.TV App and watch other broadcasts from PS4 and PC players alike. That’s one thing we do have over the PS4 owners, their app only allows them to watch streams from other PS4 broadcasters. *Yawn*

Microsoft Detail First Wave of TV & Entertainment Apps On Xbox One


Microsoft says that “entertainment has always been important for Xbox fans” so has today unveiled the very first wave of some of the world’s biggest names in entertainment coming to Xbox One in the 13 launch markets between 22nd November and spring 2014. Specifically In the UK, entertainment partners are as follows:

  • 4oD
  • Amazon\LOVEFiLM
  • blinkbox
  • Crackle
  • Demand 5
  • Eurosport
  • Machinima
  • Netflix
  • NOW TV
  • TED
  • Twitch
  • Wuaki.tv

The full list of global apps can be found here: http://news.xbox.com/2013/11/xbox-one-partners-unveiled

This list is just the first wave of partners coming to Xbox One and brand new entertainment apps will launch every month for Xbox LIVE Gold Subscribers. In addition to the entertainment apps coming from partners, in every market Xbox One will also feature:

  • Xbox Fitness
  • Xbox Video
  • Xbox Music
  • Internet Explorer
  • Skype
  • SkyDrive
  • Upload

With games, multiplayer gaming, live TV and the best entertainment apps, Xbox One is the most complete entertainment system.


Twitch Is A Built-in Experience For Xbox One


During the Xbox One E3 Brief, Xbox Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten, showcased how Twitch will be a built-in experience into Xbox One, so you can instantly broadcast your gameplay for the games that support it among other interesting new features. Twitch on Xbox One.

Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson interviewed Emmett Shear, CEO of Twitch, about the partnership with Xbox One. A snippet is show below, but you can read the full interview on Major Nelson.

Major Nelson (MN): What does Xbox One integration of Twitch mean for the future of live broadcasting?

Shear: This is our chance to break into the console space in a big way. To date, PC games have been the biggest things on Twitch, mostly because it’s incredibly difficult to broadcast console games today. The Xbox One integration means that Twitch users are going to be able to broadcast their console experiences even more easily than they can broadcast from PC. Live broadcasting your game is going to be for everyone in the future, not just people who can afford a capture card.

MN: What excites you most about coming to the Xbox platform, specifically Xbox One?

Shear: The Xbox One platform combines the best parts of console gaming with the best parts of PC gaming. Dedicated hardware for high level performance, combined with multitasking to run broadcasting and chat at the same time. The platform melds gaming with other activities in a way that we’ve never seen before. There’s no way we could have accomplished what we’re doing with the Xbox One on any other platform.

MN: What’s your favorite game to play?

Shear: I love all kinds of games. I’m kind of a game omnivore. Most recently I’ve actually been playing a lot of board games and card games. Magic: The Gathering, Small World, Coup. On the computer, usually Heart of the Swarm. My all-time most played game is almost certainly StarCraft: Broodwar. Close second to Super Smash Brothers.

MN: What has changed to make video games so popular among spectators?

Shear: Put simply: it’s now possible. Internet connections are fast enough and video encoding is widespread enough that it’s possible to create this content. Live video is a lot more bandwidth intensive than clip-based video, so it makes sense that it’s taking off later.

Twitch Live-Streaming Function Now On Black Ops 2


Twitch, has today announced a partnership with Activision and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 developer Treyarch, to bring live streaming broadcasts to Twitch viewers worldwide. This now allowing every gamer to become a broadcaster and share their excitement for the spirit of Call of Duty competition with fans around the world. Continue reading Twitch Live-Streaming Function Now On Black Ops 2