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Self Publishing Confirmed – “Every Xbox One Can Be Used for Development”

It seems that GameInformers source was pretty damn accurate and today Microsoft has confirmed self publishing for indies will be possible on the Xbox One. This is what Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) and Marc Whitten had to say on the matter: Major Nelson: “I had a great chat with Marc Whitten about self publishing and […]

It’s Official No DRM For Xbox One in Microsoft U-Turn

It’s true! Following the news earlier that a U-Turn on the Xbox One DRM Policies was to happen – it only just has bloody happened! No DRM in place on the Xbox One. As of today June 19th Microsoft made changes to the Xbox One Q&A: Update on June 19, 2013: As a result of […]

MW3 Elite Drop DLC for June Kinda Detailed

Tomorrow will see yet another bout of Call of Duty goodness spread across your online gaming sessions as not one, or two – but three Face Off maps are inbound alongside another Spec-Ops Mission.