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Assassin’s Creed: Unity Dead Kings DLC Now Available


Last week we told you that there would be DLC available for Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Well, rejoice! It’s available to download now for the grand price of nothing! Huzzah!

The DLC, titled ‘Dead Kings’, continues Arno’s story – set after the main game – where Arno is sent on a mission that takes him to the depths of the city and into the network of catacombs where he is searching for the secrets of the French kings. Players will come across familiar historical faces such as Napoleon, Marquis de Sade, as well as a new enemy faction called The Raiders. Ubisoft say these guys are “merciless foes desecrating the catacombs”.

There is also to be new weapons, gear, and outfits available for unlocking in single player and co-operative play.

So there you have it. Go get yourself some free AC:Unity DLC!

If you’re still not convinced by the FREE! Price tag? Well, here’s a little trailer that should sway you to use up some more of that 500GB hard drive space that you have.

Escape From Durgesh Prison In New Far Cry 4 DLC

far cry 4

Those wonderful people at Ubisoft. They know how to push the DLC buttons don’t they? Far Cry 4 is the latest title to get brand new DLC.

Called Escapse From Durgesh Prison, this is now available as either a standalone purchase, or as part of the Season Pass, if you’re lucky enough to have this.

In this new content, Ajay and Hurk find themselves prisoners of Yuma on the dangerous island of Kyrat. Stripped of their weapons and defenceless, they are set challenges by Pagan Min, to recover their weapons, upgrade their gear and reach the extraction point, holding off Yuma’s forces in a final showdown before they can escape.

Including C4, machine guns, grenade launchers and all of your skills, you get to play this, not only on your lonesome, but also in glorious co-op. Ubisoft say this is a true test of your survival skills, arm yourself as quickly as possible, complete a number of side-quests to reach your goal and be quick about it as this is a timed mission. That’s right, you have just 30 minutes to complete this, with a nice, long stand-off at the end to round it off nicely.

Think this isn’t possible, knowing the world of Far Cry? Well, Ubisoft have released a nice walkthrough to give you a few pointers. Have a look below.

Escape From Durgesh Prison is available now from the Xbox Store, check your console for regional pricing.

Assassin’s Creed Gets The MEGA Bloks Treatment


Ubisoft have teamed up with MEGA Bloks to create six collectible construction kits featuring Ezio, Arno and Kenway. Now I can’t say I was a huge fan of Connor but it’s a shame Altair hasn’t received his own set!

    Da Vinci’s Flying Machine $9.99 Cannon Strike $9.99 Borgia Guard Pack $14.99 Pirate Crew Pack $14.99 Fortress Attack $24.99 Gunboat Takeover $49.99

Shape Up Review


New Year Resolutions, did you set any this year? Lose Weight? Get Fit? Play more games? If that’s the case I may have the perfect game for you and it actually will help with all three. All you need is a Kinect Sensor, a well lit room and a copy of Ubisoft’s get fit title Shape up.

Exclusive to Xbox One, Shape Up combines a foundation of proven fitness methods with fun mini games to make it feel like you are not really exercising. The first thing you’ll notice is that game looks like it’s been taken over by a 5-year old overdosing on Haribo but it suit the game perfectly, there is plenty of energy buzzing around and it’s exactly what you are going to need.

There are a couple of ways to play the game, you can jump in and take on specific mini games, but to get the most benefits you are better off taking on a four week challenge. The challenges give you a boss to take on at the end of the program while spending the weeks leading up to the finale by working out through the different games. Every time you complete an exercise you earn bolts, and once you reach a quote for a week you can then start to build up a streak, it’s a good way to encourage players to keep coming back, there is also an achievement for getting a streak of 24.

For the most part these are quite fun, one game Piano Step involves the player stepping on piano keys as they light up to music, it certainly gets your blood pumping and proves a test for your co-ordination skills. Other games involve Squatting to the Moon, Arctic Punch and Stunt Run. The different games are designed » Continue Reading.

Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Dead Kings Arises Next Week


Set after the events of Assassin’s Creed Unity’s storyline, Dead Kings continues Arno’s adventure in the depths of Saint Denis’ crypts where France’s dead kings have been laid to rest. In these dark underground catacombs you will need all your wits about you if you are to triumph over the Raiders – a new faction to the series – luckily Arno has packed his trusty lantern in order to light the way and he is rocking the Guillotine gun, a vicious new ‘explosive’ weapon that can blast through enemies from a distance or cut through them at close quarters.

The DLC is free to all owners of Assassin’s Creed Unity and includes brand new activities and side missions to tackle that features new murder mysteries, enigmas and co-op activities – what’s more is that your new weapons, gear and outfits can even be used back in Paris!

The Crew Review


Ubisoft haven’t had the best 2014, sure they’ve released some great titles but some of them have been marred by game breaking bugs or poor connectivity in multiplayer. Now the dust has settled, how does Ubisoft’s MMO racer place on the starting grid and can it get a podium finish? Set in a fictional compressed version of Continental United States, the cities and countryside environments retain their identity but are not too large that you will have to spend hours driving from East to West/North to South.

Need for Speed used to release a yearly title with a storyline that would be right at home in a Fast and Furious film, now The Crew has taken on this mantle. You play as Alex Taylor, voiced by Troy Baker who voiced Pagan Min in Ubisoft’s open world shooter Far Cry 4. You are the brother of a car gangster who is killed by a rival gang member, the police arrive with you at the scene and put two and two together with the help of a crooked FBI agent leaving you in the frame. Five years later and the FBI come crawling to your cell to ask for your help to infiltrate your Brother’s old gang (The 5-10) and bring down the FBI agent that framed you – the story certainly won’t win any awards for originality!

Ivory Tower are behind the wheel of The Crew so it’s no surprise that the developer brings with it influences from their past, which include Need for Speed and Test Drive Unlimited. It’s also no surprise then that the gameplay is firmly rooted in an arcade style of racing, it worked for Need for Speed so why not the Crew? Well, you need to get the AI right and unfortunately for The Crew » Continue Reading.

Giveaway: Xbox One Digital Copy Of Assassin’s Creed Unity


Happy New Year everyone! To celebrate the start of 2015, we’ve teamed up with Games on Demand again to bring you another awesome giveaway. Our last giveaway for 12 months of Xbox Live Gold went down really well, especially for Chris Hare who nabbed the prize thanks to the expert drawing skills of the Rafflecopter computer.

Don’t worry if you missed out on the prize, Games on Demand currently have the cheapest online deal for 12 months of Xbox Live Gold – £26.80. You can also pay in Euros or Dollars if you live across the pond – does this make the deal the cheapest in your region? Let us know in the comments below!

Now on to January’s giveaway, a digital copy of Assassin’s Creed Unity! Don’t let Unity’s rocky start in life put you off… now that the majority of bugs have been fixed it’s certainly in my top three games of 2014! The code is region free so the giveaway is open to everyone (except TiX staff) no matter what part of the world you reside in.

To be in with a chance of winning, fill out the entry form on our swanky Rafflecopter plug-in and it will even select a winner when the giveaway ends at midnight on February 1st. Good luck and don’t forget to go and check out Games on Demand, they are adding more and more Xbox stock all the time.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch 4 Releases Later Today


After a slight delay to Ubisoft’s fourth patch to Assassin’s Creed Unity, Xbox One owners will begin to receive the update later today (Tuesday 16). The team at Ubisoft have tweaked various areas of Paris to create a more stable environment for Assassin initiates making today’s update roll in at around 6.7 GB.

All that remains is whether this will be the final patch for the series’ troublesome title, although bar a few minor animation glitches with the environment and the odd audio problem, I’ve not had any major issues with Unity making it one of my favourite titles of the year!

The full patch notes can be found on Ubisoft’s forum and also below for your viewing pleasure.

Stability, Performance and Save Game Fixed numerous random crashes both on Campaign and Coop Implemented multiple optimizations and fixes to improve overall performance Fixed save issue caused by the companion app on the main menu (loss of data) Fixed save issue caused by contacts list (crash occurring). Users should now have access to save

Gameplay (navigation, fight, stealth) Fixed various navigation issues Fixed issues with lock picking chests Fixed additional haystack issues

Character, AI and Crowd Fixed various character, crowd station and NPC issues

Online, Matchmaking, Connectivity and Replication Fixed various matchmaking and connection issues both in matches and when starting a match. Fixed various issues with voice chat Fixed join-in-progress issues Fixed various replication issues between host and clients Fixed issues with player rank and COOP/heist rewards Fixed issues with Helix credits Fixed issues with the My Club feature

Menus and HUD Fixed HUD icon issues and issues with map information Fixed various Initiates issues Fixed additional issues with notifications

Mission tweaks (campaign, coop and side content) Fixed various low occurrence walkthrough breaks in both Campaign and COOP Fixed » Continue Reading.

Things Get RISK(y) On Xbox One


The classic strategy board game RISK has arrived on Xbox One with the help of  Zoe Mode and Ubisoft. For £11.99 and 2.79 GB of HDD space, this latest version of RISK pushes the classic battle between armies into the 21st Century with high-tech equipment that can be deployed from the safety of your control room via a 3D map interface.

Queue it up for download here, see you on the 3D battlefield soldier!

Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch 4 Suffers A Slight Delay

Assassins Creed Unity Header

While the majority of Assassin’s Creed Unity’s bugs and glitches have been fixed, Ubisoft was still planning to release a fourth update to knock the final glitches on the head – yes, was… It seems the fourth patch, which was due to go live today, has suffered a slight delay. Now we are all used to delays in-game releases but a patch! We can only hope that Ubisoft are intending this to be the final one and want everything to be tickety-boo.

As stated last week, we’d expected to release the patch today (and we know that many are anticipating its release), but we are choosing to hold off until we can give you the improvements we’ve promised. We are committed to delivering major performance improvements, which requires that we refurbish the Paris map and that will take a few more days to hit the high level of quality our players deserve.