Is it to late for Just Dance 2017 to say ‘Sorry’

If you’re a big fan of the Just Dance series then you might be excited to hear that Ubisoft have just released a free demo of “Sorry”, from Justin Bieber, for the latest instalment of the game, Just Dance 2017. This demo allows players to get up and dance with friends before the games official release on October 28th. What’s more players can turn their iOS and Android smartphones into ...

For Honor Closed Alpha details released

From September 15th to September 18th certain individuals will be invited to participate in the For Honor Closed Alpha test.  The Closed Alpha will allow players from all over the world onto a bloody battlefield where all that matters is how good you are with a blade. So what can you expect if you are one of the lucky ones? During this test, players will get their chance to play skilled and deadly...

Ezio brings his Assassin’s Creed to Xbox One

The rumours about Ezio are true… The Ezio Collection is headed to Xbox One. Ezio is quiet the fan favourite amongst Assassin’s Creed fans and featured in three games on the Xbox 360 – Assassin’s Creed II, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed Revelations – and will now make his way onto Xbox One. Launching November 15, you’ll be able to go back and experie...

Rainbow Six Siege gets mid season reinforcements

Ubisoft have created a swanky website detailing the Mid Season Reinforcements for Rainbow Six Siege – to you and I – this is a posh way of saying a new patch is heading to Siege. The Mid-Season Reinforcements are arriving with force and introducing several changes to three Operators, new gadgets, new attachments, weapon balancing, and many bug fixes. You can expect these kinds of updates for futur...

Grow Up review

Bud first appeared on PS4 in Grow Home, so for some Xbox One owners this will be their first experience of the little red robot – unless you happened to catch his standee in the Ubisoft office in The Division. Crash landing on an alien planet, Bud must explore the land in order to find new abilities and collect seed samples so he can grow various flora to help him reach nine ship parts and put MOM...

South Park: The Fractured But Whole gameplay trailer

If December didn’t already feel far enough away, then Ubisoft are sure to make the wait even more frustrating with a new gameplay trailer for South Park: The Fractured But Whole. December 6th can not come soon enough.

Ghost Recon Wildlands’ customisation shown off in new video

In the Gamescom trailer for Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, the many customisation options for your character and weapons are shown off, allowing you to decide how you wish to take down the cartel and how best to adapt to your environment.

Ubisoft talk heroes in a new For Honor video

Ubisoft are showing off Honor at Gamescom and have a new video interview with gameplay where they talk about 12 new heroes that are entering the fray in Dominion Mode, how you can customize your character, and how the Revenge mechanic can turn the tide when you’re outnumbered.

Cops take on street racers in The Crew’s next expansion

Today at Gamescom Ubisoft have announced the next expansion to their successful driving MMO The Crew, titled Calling All Units. As the title suggests Calling All Units puts players in the role of police officers tasked with shutting down the street racers and bringing them to justice. The Calling All Units expansion will bring with it a new 12 mission storyline where players will be able to develo...

BUD hops onto Xbox One to ‘Grow Up’

BUD, the small red robot who made his debut on PS4 last year, has hopped over to Xbox One for the sequel – Grow Up. Available now for £7.99, Together with his best friend, POD, BUD must navigate an alien planet and find pieces so that he can repair his spaceship, MOM. Check out Ubisoft’s new ‘let’s play’ trailer below.

Rainbow Six Siege breaks out a UK Open tournament

Multiplay and GAME have partnered with Ubisoft for a special UK tournament of Rainbow Six Siege. Taking place during August 6-7, the tournament will kick things off with an open qualifying round before heading over to the the new Multiplay Gaming Area in Trafford, Manchester on August 14 where eight teams will compete for a spot in the finals, which will take centre stage at Insomnia58. I wonder i...

Ubisoft confirm The Division movie

Ubisoft Motion Pictures, the film and television studio of Ubisoft have announced that The Division will be getting a film release. Academy Award nominees Jessica Chastain (The Martian, Interstellar, The Help, Zero Dark Thirty) and Jake Gyllenhaal (End of Watch, Nightcrawler, Southpaw) will be starring in the movie.