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Airport Architect coming to Xbox One in 2017

UIG Entertainment have today announced that their forthcoming management simulation title, Airport Architect, will be coming to Xbox One in early spring of 2017. Airport Architect is a casual simulation game with a unique art style challenging you to construct, design and manage your very own personalized airport. Offering advanced and realistic simulation features, your […]

Life on the farm just got a whole lot bigger

So we all know certain members of the TiX Senior Managment team like a good farming simulator, therefore the latest update to come to Professional Farmer 2017 by UIG Entertainment should be like taking a small child to a candy store. Available now for free, this rather large update adds new machinery, additional selling points, […]

Forestry 2017: The Simulation coming to Xbox One

Forestry. What images does it conjure in your mind? Men in checked shirts, saw-wielding, dungaree wearing real men. I didn’t want to write. I wanted to be, a.. woah, wait a minute. What’s this? UIG Entertainment have announced the answer to those who have a love of chopping down trees but don’t necessarily wish to […]