UK Chart

Get over here! Mortal Kombat X holds onto the UK chart

There’s nothing different at the top of the UK chart this week. Meanwhile, the PlayStation edition of Minecraft has jumped up to fourth and the Xbox One version to sixth. Tropico 5 limps into th...[Read More]

Mortal Kombat X storms the UK chart

Unsurprisingly, Mortal Kombat X has knocked Battlefield Hardline off its perch and taken the UK chart. More surprising is that GTA V has also hopped over Hardline to steal second, meaning the cops and...[Read More]

Battlefield Hardline is all four the UK chart

Battlefield Hardline has hit four consecutive weeks on top of the UK chart – Mortal Kombat X releases at midnight, can it dethrone the boys in blue and their dirty robbers to take the crown? Tune in n...[Read More]

Three in a row for EA’s Battlefield Hardline

Dark Souls II released this week for Xbox One andPS4 but could only muster a mid chart entry. Meanwhile, EA’s latest title in the Battlefield series is taking the UK chart by storm with a third ...[Read More]

Hardline holds onto the loot UK chart

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t at all bothered at getting Battlefield Hardline, but after reading Greg’s review and hearing how much Dave was enjoying playing at cops and r...[Read More]

EA’s cops and robbers make off with the UK chart

Battlefield and Final Fantasy fight it out for supremacy in the UK chart this week, I can’t say I’m surprised by Battlefield taking the top spot – it was sold out in several of my local st...[Read More]

GTA V heists help deliver the UK chart to Rockstar

There’s two new entries in the UK chart this week – DmC Definitive Edition and Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition, which enter the chart at fifth and tenth respectively. GTA V is back on top (unsur...[Read More]

Dying Light takes another bite out of the UK chart

It’s all about zombies again this week for the UK chart, with Techland’s Dying Light taking the top spot for the second week in a row. Rebellion launched Zombie Army Trilogy this week but ...[Read More]

UK chart: Dying Light shuffles in at number 1

Last week the PS4 took the UK crown with The Order: 1886. This week it’s back to business with multi-platform titles taking the limelight. After a slightly delayed launch Dying Light finally app...[Read More]

UK chart: Evolve knocks Advanced Warfare down

Evolve was always going to take the UK chart crown from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – it’s been gathering pace and hype for weeks, regardless of the somewhat iffy DLC cloud that had been cast...[Read More]

UK Charts: Advanced Warfare holds onto the top

The UK Chart remains largely unchanged this week with Saints Row IV taking the biggest fall from 4 to 12. With Evolve due out this week, can the monster from 2K knock off Call of Duty Advanced Warfare...[Read More]

UK Charts: Advanced Warfare assaults Grand Theft Auto

Gat is back with Saints Row IV Re-Elected/Gat out of Hell but even his minions of Hell can’t nudge the big three from the top of the UK Chart. FIFA 15 remains third in the league chart while Cal...[Read More]

UK Charts: Third time’s the charm for GTA

New releases Saints Row IV Re-Elected/Gat out of Hell and Rugby 15 just couldn’t prize the UK Chart’s crown from Grand Theft Auto V this week. Call of Duty Ghosts make a rather random re-e...[Read More]

UK Charts: Grand Theft Auto remains top of a quiet week

There’s not much happening in the UK chart this week  – GTA V remains top while FIFA has pulled one back against Call of Duty and taken second spot. Here’s how the rest of the chart shapes...[Read More]

UK Charts: Grand Theft Auto V is top dog this week

Last week Call of Duty Advanced Warfare pipped GTA to the post and got away with the jewels – this week GTA V is king of the heist… well, king of the UK Charts with Call of Duty dropping to seco...[Read More]

UK Charts: Advanced Warfare kicks off 2015

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare kicks off the new year as it saw out the previous one – on top of the UK chart. It’s no surprise that FIFA 15 and GTAV are hot on COD’s heels – I’m sure...[Read More]