ultra street fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV horror costumes galore!

This week sees the release of some fresh content for last gens Street Fighter which can be found on Xbox 360, Steam, PS3 & PS4, there is something for everyone within these packs as every characte...[Read More]

EVO 2015 has begun

Evo2015 kicked off today at 8am pt (16:00pm BST). Tune in for a fun-filled weekend with 9 tournament titles with over 6000 participants. The streaming schedule is available here, and all the live acti...[Read More]

Ultra Street Fighter IV: Digital Upgrade Release Date June 4th

The digital upgrade versions of Ultra Street Fighter IV will release across Europe on June 4th for XBLA on Xbox 360. On August 5th, the  Xbox 360 retail version will be in stores, with the full digita...[Read More]

Ultra Street Fighter IV – Hands On Preview Event with Capcom UK

If you ask any gamer about their first Fighting game, more often then not they will have the same answer. Street Fighter. This series has lasted the test of time and is still considered the best fight...[Read More]

Ultra Street Fighter IV : New Screenshots Released Ahead of Preview Event

Tonight TiX has been invited to attend an exclusive hands on Preview Event In London, hosted by Capcom UK, to get hands on time with ‘Ultra Street Fighter IV’. New Screenshots have been re...[Read More]

Ultra Street Fighter IV Xbox 360 Upgrade June 2014

Capcom via their blog has informed the universe that the release date for Ultra Street Fighter IV will come early June 2014 digitally. Right now, we are hard at work to bring the game to all of our fa...[Read More]