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  • We Are Doomed review

    We Are Doomed review

    We are Doomed is a Twin Joystick shooter, that has you play as an eyeball, or something, as you fly about a technicoloured blanket, shooting at illuminati symbols and strange Jellyfish that are trying to kill you. So you know, just another typical shooter. Starting out life on the PC courtesy of Mobeen Fikree, the […]

  • Nobody panic but, We Are Doomed

    Nobody panic but, We Are Doomed

    As game names go, this has to be up there. We Are Doomed has literally just been announced for release this April by independent developer Vertex Pop. This twin-stick space shooter is deceptively simple. Zap polygon enemies with a massively overpowered laserbeam, chargeable even to a superbeam where you can zap everything out of existence […]