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EA shows off their collection of Star Wars titles in the works

EA have a bunch of Star Wars titles in works, including a new Battlefront coming out next year that will feature new content based on the new films and what fans are craving, apparently. Additionally, Respawn Entertainment will have their original narrative, third-person Star Wars title hit shelves in 2018, and Visceral Games are working on a title as well. Check out the video below to see a teaser of what’s to come:

Battlefield Hardline Getaway out now for Premium members

battlefield hardline getawayToday Battlefield Premium members can get their mitts on the early access content that is Battlefield Hardline Getaway. Premium members will have two weeks exclusivity before everyone else gets to join in with the fun and will gain instant access to the following:

  • Four massive maps: Pacific Highway, Double Cross, Train Dodge, and Diversion
  • New game mode: Capture the Bag
  • 4 new vehicles
  • 3 new weapons for the Mechanic Class
  • One new gadget and a new melee weapon
  • 4 new Legendary Camos

Coming with this update is a free base-game update which will be available to all players. This includes weapons, patches and a new Competitive Match System which you can read about here.
There will be two leagues for this new competitive match system: Standard League, which will be available for all to compete in; and a Premium League which will feature maps and modes from the base-game and expansion packs.

Battlefield Hardline to make a Getaway


It’s been out a while and has already seen two DLC releases, Robbery and Criminal Activity, and now EA Games have revealed some more details for the next DLC for Battlefield Hardline.

Coming to Battlefield Hardline Premium members in January 2016 and called Getaway, this new pack will introduce some new massive maps, a new game mode and more.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Four massive new maps: Pacific Highway, Double Cross, Train Dodge, Diversion
  • New game mode: Capture the Bag
  • Four new vehicles
  • Three new Mechanic Class weapons
  • A new gadget and a new melee weapon
  • Four new Legendary Camos

Is that not enough for you? All players will recieve a title update that includes new weapons and patches which may include a new fire-axe if the image below has anything to do with it.


Prepare yourself to hit the gas in January 2016 and make your Getaway.


Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity DLC ready to drop

Hardline-Criminal Activity

The wait is over as today it was confirmed that the latest Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity DLC will deploy across all platforms tomorrow, Tuesday June 16th for Premium members.

The new DLC will contain 4 new maps and the new game mode Bounty Hunter. You’ll also experience 5 new weapons (including a NAIL GUN), 6 awesome masks, 2 sweet rides, and more. If that wasn’t enough the new update will also feature weapon and gameplay improvements as well as new music and “netcode” fixes.

Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity will be available to Premium members starting June 16th and will become available to all non-Premium users to buy on June 30th.

Check out below for the deployment times for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

  • Xbox One: Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting 09:00 BST / 08.00 UTC / 1.00 AM PDT
  • Xbox 360: Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting 12:00 BST / 11.00 UTC / 4.00 AM PDT

Battlefield: Hardline review

Battlefield: Hardline scales down the over-the-top set pieces, huge maps, devastating vehicular chaos, and multitude of launch period bugs and downtime of Battlefield 4, and instead offer a faster paced, more stable and more thoughtful experience. It’s a bit of a departure from the norm but this refreshing entry is precisely what the long running franchise needs.

Gone are two armies facing off against each other and instead the classic battle between cops and robbers has broken out. Instead of tanks and jets, armoured swat vans, motorbikes and helicopters are some of your vehicular options. Battles are also now fought over much smaller maps with more lethal weapons, culminating in a far faster pace. Yet the Battlefield aesthetic is still present, with stunning lighting effects, uncanny valley character models, and a bright, glossy coating of paint. It’s certainly a greatly tweaked version of Battlefield but it’s familiar enough to keep the majority of its fans, whilst adding enough fresh content to entice newcomers and those who’ve grown tired of the previous title’s setup.

Battlefield-Hardline 1

Tactics are still just as crucial, if not more so, when it comes to doing well on the battlefield. Weapons pack more of a punch so taking cover, moving thoughtfully and staying vigilant are just as important as ever. Meanwhile, equipment such as trip mines, and grappling hooks add extra danger to consider, as entering a building becomes more deadly and enemies have more options to move around and gain elevation. The five new modes also rely greatly on tactics.

Heist tasks the criminals with breaching a location with explosives on a 30 second timer, picking up two packages and taking them to a randomly chosen extraction point, then defending that area until pickup arrives. These three stages require versatility from both sides as they adapt to the shifting objectives. Blood Money has both sides steal packages from a central point and return them to their home base; however, these packages can also be stolen from each other’s bases, forcing both teams to weigh up the risk vs. reward aspect of offensive and defensive play.

Battlefield-Hardline 2

Hotwire mixes up the capture point scenario with mobile capture points in vehicles. Driving the vehicles at speed reduces the enemy’s tickets, the side with the highest remaining score after the time limit – or the team who doesn’t hit zero – wins. Finally, Crosshair and Rescue offer small, 5v5 team based objectives with a single life each, targeted at the e-sports community. Crosshair has a player controlled VIP cop escaping, protected by the rest of their team, as the criminals hunt for them. Rescue tasks the cops with rescuing NPC hostages held by the criminal team, where killing all opponents nets a win for either team. For the cop team, extracting all the hostages nets a win as well.

Each mode offers a different and terrific team based experience, whether you’re joining a full 64 player battle or one of the smaller modes and maps, and additional tweaks to the traditional Battlefield formula improve the experience even more. Your speed on foot has been increased and you can run faster still when holding a handgun. You no longer need to grind experience for each class to unlock weapons; instead you earn in-game currency and can freely buy equipment and weapons as well as earn battle packs to kit yourself out with your preferred loadout. However, with less vehicle combat comes no loadout option for heavy machine guns and rocket launchers, these are now littered across the battlefield as pickups or accessible via ‘armoury upgrades’ to your vehicles. It’s certainly an appropriate change, but some may find it frustrating, especially when playing Hotwire.

Battlefield-Hardline 3

Battlefield 4’s Levolution returns, where destructive events and natural occurrences affect the map drastically. A destroyed structure can change the location of an object, as well as kill plenty of cops and criminals caught in its wake as the fantastic explosions and falling debris litter the battlefield. Meanwhile, other events, like a sandstorm, reduce visibility and make combat more difficult and interesting. They have a brilliant effect on the map and the flow of play, challenging you to adapt to new situations quickly as well as distracting you with their awe.

And whilst the majority of your time is likely to be spent on the multiplayer side of things, Battlefield: Hardline has a great single player campaign. You play as detective Nick Mendoza, part of Miami’s Vice squad, waging a war against drugs. An episodic delivery with a framing device as if the campaign is a TV show, proves a great way to set up the narrative and deliver different objectives and intense shootouts and arrests. Moreover, the campaign is distinctly grounded, offering you a choice of stealth in most occasions and encouraging non-lethal takedowns and completion of secondary objectives. An arrest mechanic allows you to flash your badge at groups of up to three people, you must then control the group by aiming you gun at each of them as they get nervous, then throw handcuffs on them to arrest them. Arrest those with open warrants and collect evidence to complete case files and you’ll gain bonus unlocks. You can also throw shell casings to distract enemies. It’s all very well crafted to make you feel like the police, rather than just another gun-toting action star.

Battlefield-Hardline 4

Battlefield: Hardline is not the Battlefield you’re used to; it’s faster paced, more grounded and less bombastic. It might split the fan base; the smaller maps and less of an emphasis on vehicular warfare is going to disappoint some, meanwhile, the increased tactical play and aforementioned fast pace will delight others. Overall, it’s a wonderfully refreshing experience for the franchise, with smart changes, enjoyable modes and a well-built single player campaign. It’d be criminal not to pick it up.

Thanks to Xbox & EA for supplying TiX with a download code

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Battlefield Hardline open beta now ready to download


As we covered a few days ago, Battlefield fans will be pleased to hear that the open beta for Visceral’s Battlefield Hardline is now ready to download.

The open beta is available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers from today until February 8th, so if you’re interested in the title, you better get downloading as it’s only here for five days.

It comes in at over 10GB in total and includes three different maps and game modes, more details can be found on the official Hardline blog. 

Once you’ve experienced the beta, let us know what you think of it below!


Battlefield Hardline beta coming next week, apparently

Hardline beta

There’s been rumours circulating for a few days now that the Battlefield Hardline beta was just around the corner and it seems that the Xbox Marketplace have finally confirmed it, by accident.

A store page for the beta popped up earlier today revealing that the beta will be available to download on 3rd February 2015 and has unfortunately now been pulled down. Thankfully, VG247 managed to grab a screenshot.

This is also the same date that a EA Ronku email leaked earlier in the week, so it’s pretty believable!

What a bunch of plonkers, eh? Two leaks in one week.

Dead Space 3 Review


Visceral Games and EA deliver an intense and action-packed survival game with Dead Space 3. It’s not all about the chills and suspense you might have experienced with previous instalments of the Dead Space universe, but nonetheless it is an epic encounter as you journey through a deserted world with a trail of blood-thirsty Necromorphs on your tail.

Leading up to the Dead Space 3 release I wasn’t over familiar with the complete story of the past two titles in the franchise, but I was under the impression that Dead Space was something of a ‘fright’ – a game that was dark and eerie enough to make you jump with its surprising twists and unsuspecting enemies. I didn’t feel this element of shock or horror with Dead Space 3, and that many of the scenes which looked as though it was designed to surprise you – were actually quite predictable. The music loudens, the cut-scenes introducing some freakishly ugly double-jointed beast play and then comes the hardest part; surviving the objective! This is every bit a survival game, but more so due to the difficulty of killing, limited ammo resources and often being cornered across nineteen chapters.


Dead Space 3 is certainly no walk in the park either; even on its easiest casual setting you will encounter many deaths and overwhelming rage at all the arms and legs thumping you from all directions. It is in many ways a horror themed setting with some amazing designs and attention to detail on the characters, but the suspense comes through being a lonesome trek in solo mode with your buddies mostly nothing more than a voice in the distance. The game doesn’t feel original, it’s traditional of the “I’ve-been-here-before-many-times” as you walk down corridor after corridor, open door after door as Dead Space 3 is bloated out with unnecessary annoyances that include twiddling the direction pads to make some blocks move or press a few buttons in the required order. This annoying semi-puzzle scenario that pops up here and there doesn’t add or take anything away from the main story, but you just get to stand still for an extra few seconds to make unlocking or visualising something more interesting – but it’s NOT that interesting…

Confusing at first, but better once you’ve mastered the art of it is being able to create your own weapons from scratch or with the help of blueprints and any old bit of scrap junk and parts you find lying around the environments. In every chapter is a ‘Bench’ and at the Bench you open up an intuitive options screen where you can upgrade your current weapons, create new and store items in your safe. It’s a pretty amazing deal as your unique weapon type has an impact on how well you are going to take down the oncoming Necromorph horde that soon follows. Certain parts and upgrades require you to have found an X amount of materials so the more you look around the chapters you play, the better you might be able to make your next weapon for the next chapter. If you fancy skipping the collecting part, then you can buy points from the Xbox Marketplace to obtain all the materials you need. Not only does this take the fun out of searching and collecting within the environments, but why would you want to pay any more money to make a gun when most of what you have and find is more than adequate? Don’t you dare buy Microsoft Points to make a weapons!


Sadly, in some of the earlier chapters, Dead Space 3 felt a little repetitive – in the same way that Halo CE re-used the assets over and over and over, Dead Space 3 has a similar approach on some of the outer-space environments, but it’s not until about half way through that it really feels as if the game has finally started when you eventually reach the frozen planet of Tau Volantis with Isaac Clarke. Your immediate mission is to track down your lost ex-girlfriend who has gone on the hunt for a Marker, a tool that turns Humans into the Necromorphs, so its destruction is obviously of some importance for the survival of the Humans and maybe the long journey to rescue his ex-girlfriend would bring them closer together?

Level design within Dead Space 3 is awesome on a spectacular scale. I’d say the majority of it is faultless except for the reused same-old-same parts in the space station scenes. It is every bit complimenting to the story line and a pleasure to see how the world within Dead Space 3 can take you to so many great places with vast detail and impressive effects, but the best and most greatest gift this game can give you is the drop in, drop out co-operative mode – and then your gameplay experience comes alive!

Playing online with randoms or friends on Xbox LIVE greatly improves the fun-factor, although as a compromise for ‘fun’ you do lose out on even more of the creepy moment, as it becomes less scary than the less scary it was before, but you’ll never go Solo again! Dead Space 3 is the first title in the series to feature co-operative gameplay and offers new sets of missions to complete as a duo and requires teamwork, such as sharing weapon resources and not being able to progress in some parts without the other player. We all know how annoying it can be when you’re just getting stuck into something and a co-op partner runs on ahead, cutting the scene out to his/her current location – well not in Dead Space 3, it takes two to tango (and open doors). Dead Space 3 is one of the best co-op games of this generation (so far in my opinion).


By now you should have learned that Dead Space 3 is not some shocking horror game that will have you on the edge of your seat, but it is instead heavily action-packed with some horrific creatures to shoot at as you aim to survive in a universe where it seems everyone is missing!  It is a long old road and a journey where your actions have a sense of responsibility. It’s a serious plotline which gets deeper and more intriguing with every chapter. Although I have mentioned a few negatives above because the game is not as ‘great’ as you may think or expect, but it’s neither all that bad – I just wish it was a bit more scary and a little less predictable. Thankfully as a newcomer to the Dead Space story, the game feels complete on its own and even though I had read up on some of the past titles and kept in the loop with some of the design and characters through the recent release of ‘The Art of Dead Space’ hardback book – anyone who is unfamiliar will not feel lost or intimidated by the plot. As a continuation of the Dead Space series it is also a story in its own right where you would not need to have played any past title to understand what is going on around you and why it is happening in the first place.

Dead Space 3 is a fantastic game that has a more than adequate campaign length over nineteen chapters and extra longevity with its brilliant co-operative mode. It could have been better with a more mature and scary horror theme, but as it goes for action – it will not disappoint.

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