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Pure Chess: Grandmaster Edition review

Chess isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about console gaming. Chess games were often given away on the front of PC magazines amongst the latest demos and never really amou...[Read More]

Be a Grandmaster in Pure Chess on Xbox

Chess. Its probably not the first thing that springs to mind when you think about Xbox One gaming. Ripstone are looking to change that thought process, however. They’ve announced that the multi-...[Read More]

Snooker DLC for Pure Pool out now

Voofoo Studios have teased us mere mortals with a Snooker DLC for their excellent Pure Pool game for a little while now. Well the time has finally come for the balls to be framed and the cues to be ch...[Read More]

Pure Hold ‘Em shows its hand with a release date

Launching August 21st, VooFoo Studios will be releasing the first Texas Hold’em Poker game to make it to Xbox One. Split across six different tables each differing in skill, with full online multiplay...[Read More]

Pure Pool DLC price announced

VooFoo Studios and Ripstone publishing have confirmed pricing information and revealed the latest screenshots today for their upcoming snooker DLC release. Pure Pool’s snooker DLC will be priced at £2...[Read More]

Pure Hold’em announces a King’s Ransom

It’s not even out yet, and Voofoo Studios are announcing DLC for Pure Hold’em. This DLC will feature a new chip set and was named via a community-driven competition. This eventual winner, ...[Read More]

Pure Pool to get new DLC

Back in November, our very own Dave reviewed Pure Pool from VooFoo Studios and found that he rather liked it. In that very review was at least one reference to snooker and it would appear that the cla...[Read More]

Pure Hold’em Beta is dealt onto the Xbox Store

VooFoo Studios are back, but this time it’s with a demo – the beta for their new poker game, Pure Hold’em. There’s two tables to play in the Casino environment – the Jacks and Jokers...[Read More]

Pure Hold’em comes to Xbox One

Indie developers VooFoo Studios, the team behind Pure Pool have announced that Pure Hold’em is coming to the Xbox One. Based on Texas Hold’em the game brings the excitement of the Casino t...[Read More]

Pure Pool cued for Xbox One release

VooFoo Studios & Ripstone today reminded us that their critically acclaimed pool simulation game; Pure Pool is cued up for launch on Xbox One and will be available for fans to download soon.  Impr...[Read More]