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Pure Chess: Grandmaster Edition review

Chess isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about console gaming. Chess games were often given away on the front of PC magazines amongst the latest demos and never really amounted to anything special. However, Pure Chess has arrived for Xbox One and I had the pleasure of reviewing this bad boy and the result may just surprise you. Developers, VooFoo Studios have taken chess and polished it up nicely for next gen and added some nice little features.

It’s really hard to sit here and make Pure Chess sound like one of the most amazing games to ever be created, but sometimes less is more and that certainly is the case for this one. To get into the mood I donned my turtle neck, beige chinos and dark rimmed glasses. I sat down in my recliner chair, poured myself a glass of port and entered the 5×5 code into my Xbox. The download size is probably one of the smallest I’ve seen in a long while and took next to no time to install.

pure chess

On the title screen you’re greeted to a basic yet stunning 3D flyover of a chess board, all the pieces are stood at attention ready for the next battle to commence. The main menu is just as basic with only 6 options to choose from, Local play, play online, store, challenges, learn and profile. Nothing in there has a hidden menu and there are no complicated menu structures to confuse you, what you see is what you get. There is an options section where you can change the screen size and stuff but the thing that stood out for me was the ability to change the music to your preference. There are 4 genres of music, chill, classical, jazz and nature. Whilst I’m not a fan of any of them I have to say the music offers a nice gentle relaxing atmosphere to what can be a tense battle of skill and risk (too far?). The selection of music is amazing and includes bangers such as the 2nd Movement by Mozart and Aquarium by dance floor filler Camille Saint-Saen.

pure chess

The single player difficulty levels cater for everyone and range from Monkey to Expert, if like me the last time you played chess was in a rainy caravan on the east coast in 1986 then monkey difficulty is just fine. After you have selected your game  Pure Chess shows you exactly was it’s made of, the piece selection. The basic version of the game comes with the standard Staunton, Checker and Williams pieces but if you go all out for the Grandmaster Edition then this includes themed pieces such as Halloween, Easter Island and Isle of Lewis (I have no idea what that is but the pieces look nice). For the basic pieces you can then choose what they’re made of for example, if you choose them to be made from crystal then they’re transparent but look stunning.

pure chess

On the next screen you’re given what can only be described as the maps selection. You can choose where to play your game in some exciting locations such as the Museum and the Library, or if you’re a bit wild go for the random option to really spice things up. You can have up to 6 games running at the same time, this will give you plenty of scope to practice you’re tactics and different approaches depending on your play style.

pure chess

But what if I don’t know how to play? I hear you ask, well Pure Chess has you covered on all angles. There is a learn to play section but there’s no fun in that is there. When you fire up a game and click on one of your pieces the squares on the board are highlighted with the moves your player can perform, for example the Rook can only go in straight lines so the board highlights this for a bit of assistance to new players. I have to say after my first game I had not played for years but still managed to check mate the CPU opponent netting myself 50 gamerscore. However that being said on my second game the CPU pulled out some moves that Garry Kasparov would be proud of. Garry Kasparov is like a famous chess player who beat a computer once, well mate I beat mine twice!

pure chess

On a serious note Pure Chess looks stunning, the pieces are ultra realistic and the surroundings fit in nicely with the mood of the game. The music isn’t tedious and creates a mood fitting for such a relaxed atmosphere. For amateurs and pro’s alike Pure Chess offers something for everyone. I have to be honest and say it was a nice change to play something that lets you play at your pace and the only goal is to out smart your opponent whether it’s the CPU or another player using the online mode. If it hadn’t been for the chinos cutting off the circulation to my nether regions I could have sat for hours. If one day you’re at home, it’s raining and no other game is floating your boat, add me on XBL and I’ll gladly play a match with you, but don’t expect good sportmanship. Chess is a cut throat business.


  • Stunning photo-realistic visuals.
  • Features a range of beautifully ornate chess pieces and locations.
  • Step-by-step tutorials that teach you basic, intermediate, and advanced chess techniques.
  • Play against your friends or anyone in the leaderboards worldwide.
  • 3 Tournaments to test your tactics.
  • 100 Bonus chess puzzles to ponder over.
  • Track your ELO and Tournament ratings in the ranking boards.

Thanks to VooFoo Studios, Ripstone and Xbox for Supporting TiX

Be a Grandmaster in Pure Chess on Xbox

Pure Chess

Chess. Its probably not the first thing that springs to mind when you think about Xbox One gaming. Ripstone are looking to change that thought process, however. They’ve announced that the multi-million selling Pure Chess will be coming to Xbox One very soon in the form of Pure Chess: Grandmaster Edition.

The game will feature exclusive chess sets, comprehensive tutorials and an in-depth ELO ranking system. This will be the definitive digital chess title, and you won’t have to be Garry Kasparov in order to play and enjoy it. The tutorials will teach you the basics, leading to more advanced techniques. It will feature online ranking and 100 puzzles to sink your teeth into.

This iteration of the game will be launching simultaneously on Steam and Xbox One and will feature cross-platform play with the Steam community, meaning that you’ll be able to challenge any one of the 2.5 million existing players. It’s not all about online head-to-head though. Jump into a single player game with the intuitive AI and show the game who’s boss, or ramp up the difficulty with 10 AI tuning levels.

Pure Chess: Grandmaster Edition will also feature six stunning locations to get to grips with as well as three tournaments that will include ratings systems and ranking boards.This really will be the definitive way to play and learn chess.

Originally developed by VooFoo Studios, Pure Chess has been a huge hit and the opportunity to introduce it to Xbox was too good to miss. Add in the exclusive chess sets, like the Easter Island heads, and Ripstone are almost guaranteed to have a Grandmaster in the making.

Pure Chess: Grandmaster Edition will be starting the timer from the 9th of September. Your move, Deep Blue.


Snooker DLC for Pure Pool out now


Voofoo Studios have teased us mere mortals with a Snooker DLC for their excellent Pure Pool game for a little while now. Well the time has finally come for the balls to be framed and the cues to be chalked.

That’s right, Pure Pool’s Snooker DLC is out today and while it might not promise the fast-paced action of other sports, the dulcet tones of white on red will bring the occasional cough and some whispering old men to a lounge near you.

This DLC will feature a full career mode for all difficulty levels, two new snooker challenge modes and some specific trophies, achievements and accolades just for this pack.

Not sure what you might be missing out on? Have a look at the launch trailer below.

Pure Pool, Snooker DLC is out now.

Pure Hold ‘Em shows its hand with a release date


Launching August 21st, VooFoo Studios will be releasing the first Texas Hold’em Poker game to make it to Xbox One. Split across six different tables each differing in skill, with full online multiplayer support, you can jump in to matches with a space to play a few hands or create a fully customizable tournament for up to eight players to prove you’re the best and take the winnings. Packing a lot of options to customize the colors of your cards and the chips you use all the way down to the felt of the table you play on.

Tune in tomorrow Friday 14th August for an exclusive Pure Hold ‘Em stream

Pure Pool DLC price announced

Ripstone_PurePool_Snooker_(4)VooFoo Studios and Ripstone publishing have confirmed pricing information and revealed the latest screenshots today for their upcoming snooker DLC release. Pure Pool’s snooker DLC will be priced at £2.99 / €3.99 / $4.49 and is due to launch soon, with more details to follow. VooFoo’s latest DLC is set to be the ultimate snooker experience available on Xbox One, PlayStation ®4 and PC via Steam.

VooFoo Studios’ Pure Pool Snooker DLC pack features a full career mode for all difficulty levels; Amateur, Pro and Master, two new snooker challenge modes and DLC specific trophies, achievements and snooker accolades.

Watch the Pure Pool Snooker DLC trailer here:


Pure Hold’em announces a King’s Ransom


It’s not even out yet, and Voofoo Studios are announcing DLC for Pure Hold’em. This DLC will feature a new chip set and was named via a community-driven competition.

This eventual winner, Ben King, beat over 1,000 other entries and came up with the apt moniker, King’s Ransom. Lucky old Ben won a console and his name in the game credits.

This DLC should be available when Pure Hold’em is released, although at the moment, there is no date set for that to happen.

Pure Hold’em will offer players the chance to step inside the Pure Casino, start at the Joker table and work their way up to the Aces and Masters tables in the exclusive VIP penthouse. It will feature full online multiplayer support with the option to create your own tournament or to simply join an open poker table for that quick online poker fix.

Ripstone Publishing and Voofoo are promising an update on the release date, soon.

Are you all in?


Pure Pool to get new DLC


Back in November, our very own Dave reviewed Pure Pool from VooFoo Studios and found that he rather liked it. In that very review was at least one reference to snooker and it would appear that the clamour of fans wanting the perceived gentlemantly iteration of table games has reached the developers too. Indeed, this appears to have been to such a degree that they have today announced a new DLC pack for Pure Pool will be incoming soon.

This pack will bring snooker to Pure Pool and will feature a full career mode for all difficulty levels, two new snooker challenge modes and DLC specific trophies, achievements and snooker accolades.

Technical Director at VooFoo Studios, Mark Williams is thrilled and had this to say;

We’re thrilled to be able to reveal our brand new snooker DLC pack to Pure Pool fans today, in the wake of the Snooker World Championships. It’s something that ourselves and Ripstone have been dying to announce for a while, but we wanted to be able to show fans the DLC in action. We can’t wait for players to get their hands on this latest addition to the game and hope they’re as excited as we are for its release.

As soon as we know a date for this pack’s release, we’ll bring it to you. In the meantime, enjoy what the pack is looking like so far in the new announcement trailer below.

Pure Hold’em Beta is dealt onto the Xbox Store

VooFoo Studios are back, but this time it’s with a demo – the beta for their new poker game, Pure Hold’em.

There’s two tables to play in the Casino environment – the Jacks and Jokers tables – you can also jump in to an eight player online tournament!

Are you all in? If you are, then tweet your impressions with the hashtag #PureHoldem and/or visit the Pure Hold’em Survey to help VooFoo Studios make this the best possible Poker experience.

Pure Hold’em comes to Xbox One


Indie developers VooFoo Studios, the team behind Pure Pool have announced that Pure Hold’em is coming to the Xbox One. Based on Texas Hold’em the game brings the excitement of the Casino to your living room and players will have a choice of 4 different skill tables from the novice Jokers table to the pro Aces and Masters.

Pure Hold’em will support full online multilayer of up to 8 players and will allow the player to fully customise the tables, cards and chips they use.

VooFoo Studios in collaboration with Ripstone publishing have delivered some strong titles in the past and we have high hopes for this game. I just hope it lasts longer than the many attempts we have seen in the past on the 360.

Pure Hold’em is scheduled for release later this year but in the meantime check out the teaser trailer.

Pure Pool cued for Xbox One release

Pure Pool logo

VooFoo Studios & Ripstone today reminded us that their critically acclaimed pool simulation game; Pure Pool is cued up for launch on Xbox One and will be available for fans to download soon

Pure Pool Xbox One screenshot (1)

Improving on the unprecedented formula of the critically-acclaimed Hustle Kings, the team at VooFoo Studios has achieved a whole new level of realism in Pure Pool. Boasting the most authentic pool experience on the market; Pure Pool offers players the opportunity to experience a living, breathing pool hall – all from the convenience of the couch.

Players can look forward to live online Multiplayer; competing against worthy opponents in both head-to-head matches and in global online leagues.  Pure Pool will also track individual gaming-styles, creating a unique DNA profile as they play. It’s even possible to play against AI renditions of friends and foes when they’re not online.

Whether you prefer to spend your time playing solo or weighing up against the competition, connect and prepare to be blown away by the next best thing to real life Pool.

Pure Pool Xbox One screenshot (4)

Pure Pool Xbox One screenshot (3)