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Episodic adventure ‘Knee Deep’ almost here

Independent games publishers Wales Interactive have announced a release date for the episodic crime thriller Knee Deep. The story is based on a struggling actor who commits suicide on set and you become the detective who has to investigate the truth. Knee Deep has been described as a test of your observation skills and deduction. […]

Soul Axiom arriving in June

Back in February, Wales Interactive released a new aventure puzzler into the market on Steam. Called Soul Axiom, it tells the tale of a haunting cyber-world named Elysia. There was hope that Soul Axiom would be coming to Xbox One soon and happily, the developer have now announced the date that we can all be […]

Coffin Dodgers coming soon

A few months ago, we brought you news of a new, wacky racer coming to Xbox One. Coffin Dodgers is the story of eight geriatrics, on a never ending quest to race around their neighbourhood. OK, so it’s actually seven old age pensioners, plus the Grim Reaper, but who’s counting? Developer, Milky Tea Studios, along […]

Coffin Dodgers coming soon to Xbox One

We all know that the original kart racer, Mariokart, is getting on a bit. I didn’t expect that we’d be seeing wrinkly racers tearing around a track on motorised shopping scooters any time soon though. Milky Tea and Wales Interactive have revealed the comically named Coffin Dodgers will be coming soon to Xbox One. This […]

Get ready to run for infinity

UK developer, Wales Interactive have announced their Steam game, Infinity Runner will be coming to Xbox One. The Infinity, the largest space vessel built by mankind, 150 miles long and 30 miles wide. It was flung into space to secure the future of man. Instead of securing paradise, the crew of The Infinity unlocked the […]

ID@Xbox has got soul

So, what delights can I bring to you today? Sort of fresh from the ID@Xbox big reveal at the GDC is UK-based Wales Interactive’s Soul Axiom. This was picked by Microsoft to be the showcase game in the Xbox Lobby Bar at the conference, so it can’t be bad. It’s already out on Steam and […]