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Warface shut down by Microsoft

Crytek, having announced that Warface was being pulled from the Xbox 360 a few days ago, has responded to the many messages in support of the game they say they have received, by claiming it was Microsoft who decided to shut Warface down, not them.

A Crytek representative, speaking to Game Informer, clarified their position,

“With Microsoft acting as publisher for Warface on Xbox 360, we are bound by their decision to phase out the game on their console. We appreciate their efforts in supporting Warface up to this point, but, like the many players we’re hearing from, we are sad to see the game leave Xbox 360”

Warface’s community team also chipped in on the Xbox Forums,

“(Microsoft) are always evaluating our portfolio to ensure experiences available on Xbox suit the needs of our community. Player demand and creative direction sometimes mandate that we shift our focusonto other games and opportunities.

There was no confirmation, either way on whether Warface would be making it’s way to the Xbox One front line & I can’t help but wonder if this is in some way signalling the beginning of the end for the online Live experience for the 360.

Crytek surrenders it’s Warface

Crytek, makers of some excellent shooters, have announced the closure of their Warface service on Xbox 360 via their Facebook page.
They are due to close the currently free-to-play shooter on the 1st of February 2015.
This will mean that no new players will be able to join the fun & existing players will no longer be able to purchase additional Warface Kredits.
Existing players will still be able to use anything that have already acquired in the game and will be free to continue to play until the service is retired. They will also be able to spend any currently unused Kredits.

As for what happens to any Kredits that are not spent. Well, the current theory is that they’ll be MIA for eternity.

Warface Xbox 360 Edition Beta Unveiled


Crytek and Microsoft Studios have launched a public beta for the upcoming FPS – Warface Xbox 360 Edition. Set for a Spring launch, gamer’s interested in trying out the free-to-play offering for Xbox LIVE Gold members can register their interest today – more details below.

Powered by the award-winning CRYENGINE, “Warface Xbox 360 Edition” boasts compelling gameplay set in the near future where Warface forces battle against the ruthless Blackwood military. The class-based shooter enables beta players to experience different tactical approaches, gameplay styles and unique weapon sets of all four Warface classes: Rifleman, Medic, Engineer, and Sniper. When the game launches in spring, players will then receive regularly updated content, enabling fans to experience new, daily co-operative campaign missions and a continuous supply of new maps, weaponry, boosts and more.

Crytek today also unveiled a new trailer for “Warface Xbox 360 Edition,” showcasing the game’s four solider classes and co-operative gameplay on Xbox 360 for the first time.

“Warface Xbox 360 Edition” will be available exclusively on Xbox 360 as a free-to-play with Gold title. Visit www.warface.com/xbox to sign up today and register to join the battle.

Crytek Announce Warface Coming to Xbox 360 Early 2014

Microsoft Studios and Crytek have revealed that the award winning title for PC, Warface, will come to the Xbox 360 platform in early 2014, and it will be Free to play for Gold XBox LIVE Members.


Featuring Four soldier classes, Co-Op missions and traditional Versus modes, Warface: 360 Edition will have all the action and visual power of its PC origins and will bring all its action to the Xbox 360 with players all over the world joining in its online battle over Xbox LIVE. Players will follow simple creed : Enlist. Unite. Prevail

A trailer for the Xbox 360 version is below, this is definitely one to watch: