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Warhammer Quest launches February 24

When a mysterious code landed in our inbox, we had confirmation of what the Internet suspected, Warhammer Quest would be making its way on to Xbox One and PS4.

While no official confirmation could be found, a leaked PS4 trophy list pointed to what might be included with the digitisation of the adventure board game, which is already available on Steam and mobile. As for the code? Well, initially it wouldn’t redeem with an error suggesting the code wasn’t live yet – but now it is…


Warhammer Quest adventuring onto Xbox One soon

Every now and again, we get code drop into the TiX inbox, today a code made me stop in my tracks… something jumped out that shouldn’t be there… Warhammer Quest.

Warhammer Quest has been out on Steam for a while now and recently a PS4 trophies list made their way online, and now with a code, it looks like Games Workshop’s adventure board game will indeed be making its way onto Xbox One.

Currently the code won’t redeem, merely stating that something went wrong – I’ll be eagerly awaiting the day that the on switch is flicked and I can confirm 100% that Warhammer Quest is very much a reality.

In the meantime, here’s the iOS trailer from 2013.