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Mortal Kombat X serves up a scary DLC treat


Mortal Kombat X is only a few weeks away from launch and to celebrate this and the fact that it’s Friday the 13th, Warner Brothers Games have announced a special individual guest for purchasers of the Kombat Pack DLC for the game.

Main protagonist from the Friday the 13th films, Jason Voorhees will be lurking in a dark and shadowy corner, ready to unleash some violence on his opponent. The pack will also include 2 classic Kombatants from the Mortal Kombat series and an additional special guest character.

If you purchase the Premium Edition of the game, this pack will be included.

If you buy the pack separately, you’ll get early access to the Samurai Pack which includes skins for Ronin Kenshi, Samurai Shinnok and Jingu Kitana as well as an accompanying skin pack with each playable character.

It all kicks off on the 14th of April, when Mortal Kombat X is released. Who’s excited?

Midway Arcade Origins Review

Warner Bros. Games has decided to bring a little retro gaming back into our lives with their latest compilation disc – Midway Arcade Origins. Before we go any further, Warner Bros Games now owns and takes care of the entire Midway IP’s, but it’s not the first collection of arcade hits since a similar collection titled Midway Arcade Classics was released on the first Xbox many years ago. Continue reading Midway Arcade Origins Review