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Grab three friends for new Watch Dogs 2 co-op play

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Dave and I have spent many an hour larking around in Watch Dogs 2 co-op, it’s not only an excellent game, but it’s great fun to cause chaos in an online playground with your best friend, but Ubisoft aren’t content with having just two friends against the world, and are adding to this by opening co-op […]

Play Watch Dogs 2 for three

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Still yet to get your hack on and join Dedsec’s misadventures in San Francisco? Did my glowing review not quite convince you? Surely you saw that Watch Dogs 2 picked up our Action/Adventure GOTY in the 12 days of TiXmas? No!… well I guess there’s no pleasing you, but Ubisoft may just have the tease […]

Watch Dogs 2’s full multiplayer experience going live

Watch Dogs 2 - Remote Access -Dedsec Crew

After a few teething problems at launch, Watch Dogs 2’s seamless multiplayer experience should be rolling out across Xbox One later this evening after the first phase of deployment went live at 16:00 for PlayStation 4.   The full experience will give players the following multiplayer options:   Invite friends to co-op or search for new co-op […]

Watch Dogs 2 reviews get off to a great start

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The reviews are flying in… on PlayStation 4 that is. At the time of writing, metacritic has 39 PS4 reviews of the latest Ubisoft title and 0 on Xbox One – anyone care to take a stab at which is the preferred platform? God is a Geek gave it 90 praising that “every aspect of movement […]

Watch_Dogs 2 release official launch trailer

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Having been wrongly profiled by a citywide operating system, Marcus Holloway is now seen as a criminal risk. After closer investigation Marcus reveals rampant corporate corruption and manipulation of the public and because of this he and his fellow hackers, Dedsec, wage war against the system with the aim to return the power to the […]

Watch_Dogs 2 Season Pass detailed

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Launching November 15th, Ubisoft have unveiled what lies behind the Watch_Dogs 2 season pass, which gives PlayStation 4 owners 30-days of exclusivity on the three DLC packs included in the pass. The pass is bundled with the Gold Edition of the game or available separately for £29.99. The packs will extend the adventure with extra […]

Watch Dogs 2 welcomes you to San Francisco

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Ubisoft have released a new trailer in anticipation of Watch Dogs 2. Eurogamer have had some time with the game and have a pretty good preview of the game that is well worth checking out.

Get to know Marcus and Dedsec in Watch Dogs 2: Remote Access

Watch Dogs 2 - Remote Access -Dedsec Crew

The team at Watch Dogs 2 have decided to put a series of videos together titled Remote Access, which will take us on a journey behind the scenes highlighting the different aspects of the up and coming game. The first episode takes a deeper look in to the main character Marcus, Dedsec and what their […]

Watch Dogs 2 debuts Infiltration Mission gameplay

So E3 as always was filled with exclusive gameplay footage and sneak peaks at what’s to come and Ubisoft came up trumps with unseen gameplay footage of Watch Dogs 2. Along with this was a Hack Everything Trailer, giving you a real taste of what’s instore in the next Cyber Hacking adventure. In Watch Dogs […]

Watch Dogs 2 Officially announced

Surprise! Watch Dogs 2 is now official, in case you have been hiding for the past week there have been lots of leaks out about the game, but earlier today there was an official Livestream with lots of cool details about the game. To quote the Press Release: Players will explore the birthplace of the […]