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White Night review

With such a vast range of ID@Xbox games due out over the next few months it’s going to be a great time for Xbox One owners. One of the games I had been keeping a close eye on was White Night, I was hoping for a change of pace and I certainly got one. Before […]

White Night release date confirmed

A month ago, we brought you news of OSome Studio’s mansion house horror, White Night. At that time, we weren’t quite sure when they would be releasing it. Today, Activision Publishing have confirmed that the puzzle-based mystery, set in a seemingly abandoned mansion, will hit the Live Store on the 6th of March. What will […]

White Night aiming to release on Xbox One soon

White Night. It’s an odd name. Firstly, it conjures up images of brave medieval warriors in shiny armour and it could also invoke the feeling that you might get a bit of a fighting bonanza. Osome Studios’ White Night will thankfully offer neither of these. A noir-based 1930’s survival story, White Night challenges you to […]