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White Xbox One Limited Edition Console Confirmed

Rumours have been circulating that Microsoft may put out a public Xbox One in glossy white since a retailer posted pre-order details recently claiming it’s a Sunset Overdrive bundle. According to Polygon who have spoken with Microsoft – this is indeed true and the Limited Edition bundle with a white Xbox One unit (kinect free) […]

Rumour Has It A 1TB White Xbox One Available Fall 2014

Remember that sexy looking glossy white Xbox One console that was gifted to Microsoft Employees only last year leading up to the launch of the retail SKU Xbox One? Rumours on two other leading websites, NeoGaf and The verge according to their sources, claim that a white Xbox One console will be available in stores […]

White Xbox One Dev Kit Pops Up Online

An Xbox One developer has taken to Reddit by the name of GhostofAce, to unveil the all shiny new as-close-to-retail-as-possible Xbox One console development kits. When questioned about the validity because it was assumed dev kits were striped – “The zebra ones were also earlier devkits. We’ve gone through several revisions since the original alpha […]