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Thrustmaster Unveils 1st Official Flight Stick for the Xbox One

Thrustmaster is at it again! Not content on delivering a premium experience for the racing community on Xbox and Windows, they are now taking to the skies and beyond with the Hotas One. Members of the...[Read More]

HALO Spartan Assault landing on Xbox One December 24th

  Xbox Wire has confirmed that HALO: Spartan Assault will come to Xbox One on December 24th and in January for Xbox 360. First released for Windows 8 devices earlier this year, the game was a hit...[Read More]

DELL Confirm All Windows 8 Apps Run on Xbox One

This news is unconfirmed from Microsoft in all official capacity, but DELL has outed that Xbox One will run all Windows 8 Apps on the console. This shouldn’t really come as any massive surprise ...[Read More]

Halo: Spartan Assault Out Today for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

Ready up fellow Spartans with Windows 8 on their PC’s, Laptops and Mobile Phones – Halo Spartan Assault launches today as confirmed by Xbox UK’s Graeme Boyd (Social Marketing Manager...[Read More]

Windows 8 Apps Can Also Be Developed for Xbox One

Although Xbox One App development is still unclear, Microsoft at the Build developers conference in San Francisco teased that Windows 8 Apps could run on the upcoming Xbox One console. Steve Guggenhei...[Read More]

Game Dev Tycoon Review

We all share something in common here; our love for video games. And if you are like me you probably sit in front of your TV, PC Monitor or handheld device and think ‘If it was me, I would have done t...[Read More]

First Wave of Xbox Windows 8 Games Announced

Wave one of the Xbox W8 Games portfolio will bring you many of the games you already know and love on Windows 8 that will include 29 titles from Microsoft Studios, some of which will be exclusive to W...[Read More]

Will the Next-Gen Xbox Console Be Named: XBOX 8?

The hype for a next-generation Xbox console is well and truly hotting up; more-so since the news hit that Microsoft are rolling out production of developer units that feature an Oban chipset manufactu...[Read More]