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Thrustmaster Unveils 1st Official Flight Stick for the Xbox One

Thrustmaster is at it again! Not content on delivering a premium experience for the racing community on Xbox and Windows, they are now taking to the skies and beyond with the Hotas One. Members of the Flight Sim community rejoice, Thrustmaster® has heard your pleas loud and clear. To meet the demands of this growing […]

HALO Spartan Assault landing on Xbox One December 24th

  Xbox Wire has confirmed that HALO: Spartan Assault will come to Xbox One on December 24th and in January for Xbox 360. First released for Windows 8 devices earlier this year, the game was a hit with HALO fans leading to the move to the main consoles. A top down twin stick shooter, players […]

DELL Confirm All Windows 8 Apps Run on Xbox One

This news is unconfirmed from Microsoft in all official capacity, but DELL has outed that Xbox One will run all Windows 8 Apps on the console. This shouldn’t really come as any massive surprise since loyal thisisxbox readers will remember this news from February 2012, when a rumoured name for the console was Xbox 8 […]

Halo: Spartan Assault Out Today for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

Ready up fellow Spartans with Windows 8 on their PC’s, Laptops and Mobile Phones – Halo Spartan Assault launches today as confirmed by Xbox UK’s Graeme Boyd (Social Marketing Manager). Halo: Spartan Assault releases for Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices today. Played it at E3 and it's great. — Graeme Boyd (@AceyBongos) July 18, […]

Windows 8 Apps Can Also Be Developed for Xbox One

Although Xbox One App development is still unclear, Microsoft at the Build developers conference in San Francisco teased that Windows 8 Apps could run on the upcoming Xbox One console. Steve Guggenheimer, vice president of Microsoft’s Developer & Platform Evangelism group stated: Xbox one has two engines, it’s got a gaming engine and it essentially […]

Game Dev Tycoon Review

We all share something in common here; our love for video games. And if you are like me you probably sit in front of your TV, PC Monitor or handheld device and think ‘If it was me, I would have done this game slightly differently’. Well let me introduce you to Game Dev Tycoon a […]

First Wave of Xbox Windows 8 Games Announced

Wave one of the Xbox W8 Games portfolio will bring you many of the games you already know and love on Windows 8 that will include 29 titles from Microsoft Studios, some of which will be exclusive to Windows 8 say Major Nelson.

Will the Next-Gen Xbox Console Be Named: XBOX 8?

The hype for a next-generation Xbox console is well and truly hotting up; more-so since the news hit that Microsoft are rolling out production of developer units that feature an Oban chipset manufactured by IBM.