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Worms W.M.D launch trailer

Lock up your sheep! Team 17’s Worms turns 21 this year, and to celebrate the launch of the latest in the franchise, Worms W.M.D, a new trailer has been released.

Promising ‘their most destructive game yet’, Worms W.M.D offers 30 objective-based campaign levels as well as local and online multiplayer madness, all digitally-painted in classic 2D.

New for this entry are buildings, vehicles, and the ability for players to craft and dismantle items on-the-go! The new crafting mechanic more than doubles the number of available items for you to destroy your opponents with, and the fact that one of these is called an ‘Angry Concrete Donkey’ certainly makes me want to try it. I’m just not sure that I’m ready to admit buying the original from a Computer Show 21 years ago, because that would make me very old.

Worms W.M.D is available now from the Xbox Store for £19.99.

LA Cops: Getting the Job Done is almost here

lacops_logoWest Yorkshire based Team17 today announced via twitter that their action 3D top down shooter; LA Cops: Getting the Job Done, will be making it’s way to Xbox One as planned, very soon.

Team17, partnered with Modern Dream, have already made 5 missions available via STEAM Early Access . Together they are taking 70s cop themed top down shooter, LA Cops, to the max with a release on console and PC. Right on!

Back in 2014 Ollie Claire, Director at Modern Dream, had the following to say;

We’re thrilled to be working with Team17 to bring LA Cops to multiple major gaming platforms. Their vast industry experience, professional attitude and hard work ethic matched with a determination to succeed makes them the best partner we could hope to have for LA Cops. We’ve been playing Team17 games for as long as we can remember and it’s a privilege to be a part of the story.

Watch the trailer above and enjoy the screenshots below then go on, send us and @Team17Ltd a tweet, will you be a good cop or a bad cop?






Worms Battlegrounds from Team 17 Heading to Xbox One

worms battlegrounds

Team 17 who develop our favourite turn-based game of all time, Worms, will see its award-winning franchise make its debut on the next generation of consoles. Having seen it already appear on over twenty-five other platforms since its introduction back in 1995, this year will see the game launch on both the Xbox One and the PS4.

Worms Battlegrounds will be one of the first titles to be self-published on the Xbox One under the ID@Xbox program, of which Team17 is one of the ambassadors. We’re no stranger to the popularity of Worms having rated the recent, Worms: The Revolution Collection 9.5/10 which is plastered all over the game’s retail box art if you haven’t spotted it already?

Worms Battlegrounds is due for a 2014 release and will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. When an exact date has been announced, we’ll keep you posted.

US Retail Worms Collection Out May 21

worms collection us

Maximum Games are publishing Worms Collection in the US, and has shipped to retailers for the May 21st, 2013 launch date. Developed by Team 17, Worms Collection combines three well-known Worms titles in one package, and will include Worms, Worms 2: Armageddon, and Worms Ultimate Mayhem, plus six additional DLC packs. Worms Collection was made available in the UK last year.

Worms, the classic 2D strategy game that started it all, delivers an addictive mix of strategy and arcade-action that offers limitless offline and online entertainment for up to 4 players. It’s golden-age gaming at its comically violent best.

Worms 2: Armageddon pushes the Worms cartoon carnage into overdrive, offering stunning new visuals and an arsenal of apocalyptic arms. From Super Sheep, Napalm Strikes, and Earthquakes to the legendary Concrete Donkey, Worms™ 2: Armageddon is an exercise in extreme execution – and now includes five expansions previously sold separately.

Worms Ultimate Mayhem is a souped-up, re-vamped, high definition reimagining of Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem, bringing both games together in one incredibly over-stuffed, over-the-top package. Including all of the content from the original games, Worms™ Ultimate Mayhem also brings a whole host of anarchic additions: more single player missions, more puzzles, more customization – more worms!

You can read our review of Worms Collection from when it was released in the UK last year, not to be mistaken for the recent UK release of Worms The Revolution Collection, which we are assuming to see a US launch later in the year? (maybe)

Worms Revolution Collection Wriggles To Retail This May

worms revolution

Mastertronic has today announced that its bring the popular ‘Worms Revolution’ Xbox LIVE Arcade game to retail with the Worms Revolution Collection, set for release on May 3rd for Xbox 360.

The Worms Revolution Collection, contains the latest OTT outing in the best-selling turn-based series, plus all three DLC packs and, and further-more as an added bonus, Worms 2 Armageddon and all five DLC packs all wrapped up in a mystery crate and sealed with a loving poke!

We rated the game last year 9.5/10 “A definite must-have arcade title that will have you in stitches, despair, and unleash your cut-throat competitive demon within!” – our score is also nicely printed on the retail case, but you can read our review in depth via this link.

The official details, blurb whatever you call it for both games are below:

Worms Revolution
Worms Revolution is the latest game in the classic turn-based strategy series. It’s fully loaded with exciting new features and beautiful 3D graphics but still retains the classic 2D gameplay that fans love. Introducing dynamic water effects, exploding physics objects and four different class acts to choose from and customise your game! Worms Revolution brings a whole host of anarchic additions – more single player missions, more puzzles, more customisation and… more worms! Includes all three DLC packs, Mars, Funfair and Medieval Tales, to complete one jam-packed package!

Worms 2 Armageddon
Pushing the cartoon carnage into overdrive, Worms 2 Armageddon comes with stunning new visuals and an arsenal of apocalyptic arms. Introducing Super Sheep, Napalm Strikes, Earthquakes and the legendary Concrete Donkey, Worms 2 Armageddon is an exercise in extreme execution. Including five expansions previously sold separately – Battle, Puzzle, Forts, Time Attack and Retro. This is a can of worms you’ll never want to close!

Crate-dropping into stores on May 3rd for Xbox 360, priced £24.99. Trailer below:

Worms Collection Review

Three of Team 17’s comedic and downright addictive Worms games have made it to retail as part of the Worms Collection pack from Mastertronic. If you do not already own any of the titles when they were previously released on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, then now is as good a time as any to get into the Worms gameplay before the launch of the highly anticipated Worms Revolution later this year on the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Continue reading Worms Collection Review

The Second of Five Worms Revolution Dev Diary Video’s

Dynamic Water in Worms Revolution…splash!

The second video dev diary for Worms Revolution is out… the next big Worms title coming to PC, PSN and XBLA from Team 17. This diary sees Programmer, Ian Lindsey, tell us all about the new 3D landscapes within the game. Plus he instructs on the introduction of both physics objects and dynamic water. Continue reading The Second of Five Worms Revolution Dev Diary Video’s