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WWE2K16 review

After the last instalment in the WWE2K series, which was quite the disappointment for fans, 2K Sports have turned things around and put a lot of work into making this year’s title the best it could be. They’ve brought to the table a wealth of options, unlockables, customisation and the largest roster ever featured in […]

WWE 2K16 Powerbombs onto the scene

WWE2K16 is here and sporting the largest WWE roster ever in video game history which can only get bigger with character creation and potential future DLC. Create and define your very own WWE career in the my career mode, create and manage your own WWE universe, create your own championship belts, divas, superstars, shows and […]

WWE 2K16: Arnie’s coming to the WWE

Arnie is back in the WWE universe this time as a playable character. Pre ordering your copy will land you two exclusive T-800s played by Arnold himself, one from Terminator the original movie and the second from Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Arnold Schwarzenegger was inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015 […]

Stone Cold Steve Austin is new WWE 2K16 cover star

Stone Cold Steve Austin will be gracing the cover of WWE 2K16, due for release on October 27. The cover was due to be announced on Monday night RAW but an Interview on MTV promoted the early release.