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Yu Suzuki Talks Shenmue III Strategy Planning with Industry Consultant Mark Cerny

Meggan Scavio, who is currently the GM for GDC Events at UBM TechWeb and has in the past also been Director at Game Developers Conference and Director of Operations at CMP Media, posted a great picture recently on twitter confirming that the gaming legend Yu Suzuki has talked Shenmue III strategy with Mark Cerny.


Mark Cerny is a name you might not recognise immediately, but gaming credits include Killzone 3, Uncharted Drakes Fortune, Rachet and Clank amongst many other top Playstation titles over the years. He is also the lead architect of Sony’s PlayStation 4 console.

Don’t you dare make Shenmue III go all PS4 exclusive on us – Cerny!

Via: AGB

Next-Gen Xbox Reveal Rumoured for April


This may be a mostly Xbox only website, but that still didn’t stop us watching the Sony Playstation 4 reveal because that event was going to showcase some next-gen games and their jaw dropping visual quality that would likely show resemblance to the next-gen Xbox.

It has been rumoured across many media sites today that the next-gen Xbox will have a reveal this coming April, and is more than likely to show an ‘actual’ console than just a controller. The PS4’s light bar and set of eyes to watch it is all very wii-esque – we’ll be looking forward to true hands-free motion sensing technology with Kinect 2.0 in the near future.

What is fact, is that Microsoft will be showcasing their “ILLUMIROOM” project in Paris towards the end of April as previously confirmed by Microsoft directly. With this technology likely to be projected towards next-gen, it does make sense that a next-gen Xbox reveal would be needed before such an event. The rumours of a next-gen Xbox reveal in April does not stem from this alone and possibly due to developers leaking information as they are being booked up to showcase some launch titles for the system.

Microsoft will and does deny everything and anything related to the next-gen Xbox. When official announcements are in, we’re sure it’l be something spectacular to share with you.

We’ll keep you posted.

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