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Fable Heroes Review

Fable first came into our lives way back in 2004. It brought with it some refreshing and innovative ideas on how to pump some vigour into the veins of the age old RPG genre, it also sadly never quite managed to deliver the experience you felt the developers so badly wanted it to. The original Xbox never held the power to bring the vision fully to life and even the vastly superior 360 has still seemed to fall short.

Fable is still a success story for Lionhead studios of course but the games have always, at least on a personal level, felt way too shallow and throwaway to compete with the true big hitters of the action/RPG stable. They reached for the stars but ended hanging precariously from the guttering wondering what went wrong.

So then, how about if  ‘shallow‘ and ‘throwaway‘ are the order of the day? What if Lionhead released a game that wouldn’t look out of place airing on the CBeebies channel alongside Iggle Piggle and Mr Tumble? If the goalposts were widened and the ambition narrowed could a Fable game finally find the back of the net?

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