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Activity feed comes to xbox.com


Ok so we are all aware of the activity feed feature on the Xbox One. Well the people at Xbox.com have decided to include it now as part of your profile information when you log into the website. So now you have the option of tracking your friends achievements and memorable video moments even when you’re away from your Xbox.

This Activity Feed feature was already an existing part of the Xbox One Smartglass application on your smartphones and tablets but it’s nice to see all the platforms coming together and trying to be consistent. Maybe this has something to do with the big plans in the future to allow cross-platform gaming from Windows PC to Xbox.

Another feature that has just become available on Xbox.com is the Suggested Friends tab. This as it sounds – the tab gives you a selection of random gamers that seem at first glance to share some common interests with you. Whether this be playing or streaming a particular game or generally socialising the suggestions seem… somewhat interesting. Now to be honest I don’t know how used this option will be but I guess it’s a means for the guys and girls at Xbox to show we are a real community of gamers.

At the end of the day only time will tell if this is a good or a bad thing and you are the judges of that, but once again it’s nice to see Microsoft and the Xbox Teams focusing on all aspects of their service and not leaving anyone out in the cold.

Xbox One Profile Updates for Xbox.com


Major Nelson has confirmed via his infamous blog that the much-needed improvements to Xbox.com for Xbox One profiles is soon to be ready available. Currently for Xbox One owners, profiles are fixed on the last games that you played on Windows 8.1 or Xbox 360 (with Achievements) but “your Xbox One profile, Achievements, friends, followers, and game clips – will be viewable on Xbox.com beginning next week.”

The Xbox One has been around since November 2013 and Xbox.com has previously been lacking in features that make the site and the new console more social. Coupled with a decline in forum members on Xbox.com it seems Microsoft and the Xbox team should hopefully start looking at new ways for member engagement after the next update?

Here’s a preview of what to expect:

Via: Major Nelson

Xbox Reveal E3 Media Briefing Information – Monday June 9th

Xbox E3

Microsoft have confirmed via Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb’s blog, that this year’s Xbox Briefing at E3 will be held on Monday June 9th at 09:30 AM PDT (17:30 PM GMT). The briefing , being called Xbox: Game On, will be streamed over Xbox.com, Xbox Live, and Windows Phone globally.

Xbox have promised some fan centric events for those at E3 and those watching at home with more details being revealed as E3 approaches. Yesterday Phil Spencer, the new head of all things Xbox, promised some reveals for Xbox before E3 itself.


Be Careful With Xbox.com Glitch – Demo’s Become Full Purchases Costing You Money

A glitch has been found on the Xbox.com marketplace that could accidentally unlock you a full game whilst you originally intended to download a demo. In a video captured by Giantbomb, they show just how the glitch works and what NOT to do – so do pay attention! Continue reading Be Careful With Xbox.com Glitch – Demo’s Become Full Purchases Costing You Money