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The New Generation of Xbox – Reminder #XboxReveal


Hey readers, this is a reminder post to let everyone know that next Tuesday 21st May, the new generation of Xbox is going to be revealed to the world for the first time. ThisisXbox will be covering news about the event as it happens, although we expect you to be watching on live stream also.

The event is going to start at 10am Seattle time (18:00 BST UK Time, 19:00 CEST) and will last for an hour. The #XboxReveal Tent has a Twitter feed that you can follow, @XboxRevealTent

Also should you start tweeting about the event as it’s live – lets get this news trending and make sure to include #XboxReveal as your hashtag.

Now the long 4 day wait begins!

We’ll see you in the new generation hype from next Tuesday…

EA To Abolish Online Passes – What Could This Mean for Next-Gen?


EA Games, John Reseburg has told VentureBeat in an interview that future EA games would not require online passes which we are meant to believe is the outcome of fan-feedback! Since when did fans become more worth than the thought of all that extra cash! It has left us wondering about what EA could know about the online functions of next-gen consoles with this announcement coming within a week of Microsoft’s next Xbox unveiling.

“Yes, we’re discontinuing Online Pass. None of our new EA titles will include that feature,” Reseburg explains. “Initially launched as an effort to package a full menu of online content and services, many players didn’t respond to the format… We’ve listened to the feedback and decided to do away with it moving forward.”

I have come to the conclusion that with next-gen looming it might be a decision the company has had to make if Microsoft’s next Xbox perhaps renders the passes useless. EA’s Online Pass would be useless for two reasons; first being if on next-gen Microsoft takes a Sony approach and allows all multiplayer to be free (with paid access gaining use of Apps and messaging/party features). or secondly the long rumoured suggestion that all next gen games require a one-time activation code rendering used games useless anyway.

Are we really to believe EA has done something due to fan-feedback after all this time? Expect all new EA games which includes Battlefield 4 and FIFA 14 to be Online Pass free. Maybe they have done the decent thing in a bid to gain more credibility with gamers – or maybe not?

When next-gen announcements are made, if it does render online passes useless anyway, we’ll keep you updated.

Via Xboxer360 & VentureBeat

Microsoft Hint at Next-Gen EA and Forza Game For May 21 Reveal


A recent competition from Microsoft’s Xbox division has led to speculation that something with EA and Turn 10 Studio’s will be heavily featured at the E3 2013 Media Briefing on June 10th. The competition running up until May 20th is encouraging gamers to tweet @EA, @Xbox, @PlayXBLA and @Turn10 in order to win entrance to the event. The event that will ultimately reveal the new generation of Xbox console, and the brands future.

Other rumours this past week have suggested that an EA title is in the works for the next Xbox console which could be a console exclusive, with all fingers pointing in the direction of Respawn Entertainment. The ex Call of Duty development team has had something cooking for EA since the company was formed in 2010 and is rumoured to be something futuristic since registering a trademark for the word “TITAN”

Turn 10 Studio’s, famed for developing the Forza series of racing titles could launch a brand new Forza game for the next Xbox and showcase a stunning next-gen iteration during the console reveal in a few weeks. Having previously advertised job listings for Art Directors to help define “the cinematics vision and techniques needed to achieve exceptionally high quality content for our Next Generation of games.” – it’s considered all but a confirmation that we’ll be driving around a few circuits at launch this year.

With a focus on the new generation Xbox console on May 21st and its exclusives, we’ll drop all the news as it happens, but expect that you’ll be watching live on your console or from Xbox.com too.

We heard of this news via Digital Spy

Smaller ‘Xbox Fusion’ Console Rumour From Last Year Re-Surfaces


Last March, thisisxbox was informed of a really great piece of news that suggested a smaller Xbox console by the name of Fusion would surface at E3 2012 – however, it never did, but todays new reports of domain acquisitions reignite those rumours.

We were informed that originally ‘XBOX Fusion’ LIVE was on the “QT” as a small piece of hardware designed as a set top box with Kinect integration (sold separately). It will have wireless capabilities to the same standard as the current Xbox S console and feature its own online dashboard. Memory will come in the form of 16GB built in with USB slots available for extra storage and Xbox 360 controller support.

Xbox Fusion LIVE will host it’s own metro themed dashboard, have the Xbox LIVE Arcade game store, Games on Demand, the App’s Marketplace, Zune Marketplace and should be regarded as an entertainment centre for additional televisions in the home not connected to Xbox 360 consoles… or could be a great way for non gamers to have access to all the great entertainment experiences from the current Xbox LIVE Dashboard without the need for games.

Today, reports suggest that Microsoft has claimed a number of Xbox Fusion related domain names and as you can imagine the whole internet has gone crazy to think that the new generation Xbox will be called ‘Xbox Fusion’ instead. With a number of rumoured names under its belt, Xbox 720, Xbox 8, Xbox Infinite, Xbox Infinity, Xbox Fusion – we can not wait until May 21st when it is officially unveiled by Microsoft.

We’ll keep you posted in due course.

Via Fusible

Next-Gen Xbox Details: Blu-Ray, Better Controller, All Games Required To Be Installed

Microsoft hasn’t officially detailed the next-gen Xbox as of yet, but via the Durango XDK Documentation that assists developers on their journey to creating a next-gen gaming project – the addition of a Blu-Ray drive has been confirmed as well as minor hints on the next Xbox controller.

Within the Durango XDK documentation it states that every console sold will come equipped with a new high-fidelity Kinect Sensor which is a requirement for the system to operate. The new Kinect will not have a tilt-motor that is used on the Xbox 360 Kinect as a wider field of view for next-gen ensures none is needed, it also includes better resolutions and Active Infra-red for better visibility of gamers in low-light conditions. The next-gen Xbox controller bundled with the console alongside Kinect will have better ergonomics, use an improved low-latency wireless connection to the console, and have system interactions to the console that will be simplified for noncore gamers.

The next Xbox will have an ‘always on, always connected’ design so that gamers can instantly stay connected without waiting for load times in starting up the console, as it will also have different power states to draw minimum electricity when not in use. It also requires an always on internet connection and will have a Blu-Ray drive as standard including a HDD since the documentation states all games will need to be installed. Playing a game from the Blu-Ray optical disc drive will not be supported, backing up claims that every game is likely to require a one-time activation code. This might not render the console unable to support used games, but it is likely that codes or passes will need to be purchased separately. The disc drive will be able to install the game as you start playing to cancel out waiting times for installation before gameplay can begin.


At least the XDK clears a few things up since it was also rumoured the next Xbox will not have a Blu-Ray drive. We now know that the console will ship with Blu-Ray, it will come with a large HDD, all games will need to be installed, games cannot be played from the drive directly, a better controller, Kinect as standard, and an “Always on, Always connected” power and internet state to reduce waiting times.

When Microsoft make announcements, we’ll keep you informed.

Via VGleaks

Is The Road To Xbox Infinity Really Just Xbox Gold?


It’s been long rumoured that Microsoft could call the next-generation Xbox console a range of names based on what has been spotted about it’s design or functionality. Xbox Infinity was the more strongest of the rumoured names for quite some time and with the recent logo discovery appearing online – it fueled those rumours even further.

Another interesting leak that goes back as far as early last year was the name Xbox 8, a way of bringing the next-gen console in line with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 since all devices use the same core mechanics of the Windows 8 operating system. At the same time we were told of an Xbox 8 possibility the name Xbox Infinity came up in that it was meant to be an “Online Platform” – a way of integrating all the online functions of the next Xbox, Xbox on Windows and Windows Phone 8 together, a system in place that could also deliver apps to TV’s without the need of a console (somehow). Our Xbox Infinity information came our way February 2012 and since an 8 sign and infinity sign are very similar, only Microsoft has the answers. However with the likelihood of Windows this year being called ‘Blue’ a major update to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 it no longer seems feasible to have an Xbox named Xbox 8 for 2013?

More recently as noticed by Fusible, Microsoft has been out in force by taking ownership of domains that have XBOX GOLD in them. The latest acquisition XboxGold.org joins the new pile of internet domains that include: XboxGold.biz, XboxGold.com.co, XboxGold.us, XboxGold.at, XboxGold.ch, XboxGold.jp, XboxGold.mx, XboxGold.ru, XboxGold.tw and XboxGold.fr.

With the recently closure of the Xbox Gold Family Account on Xbox LIVE, the grabbing of domain names related to Xbox Gold could be due to an upcoming overhaul of the way that we pay for Xbox LIVE on the next-gen console, or that it’s going to be called Xbox Gold – which is a pretty bad name for a new console. Since all use of that name relates to a subscription service on current-gen, it’s more likely to relate to next-gen subscription services on the next Xbox because Microsoft would have taken these domains years ago. With the impending and long-overdue reveal of the next-gen Xbox, the timing of Microsoft acquiring these domains is pretty obvious.

Now for the speculation – if it does relate to a subscription service what we would like to see if the next-gen console does require an always-on connection to the internet, then how about a pay-per-console to Xbox Gold instead of pay-per-gamertag profile? With the decision on Microsoft’s part to cease without notice the Family Accounts – it would make more sense and a middle ground between becoming fairer in-line with the PSN Network to have each household connected to Live through the one console account?

Something is brewing up in Microsoft Corp’s HQ over Xbox Gold – and when the news of a next-gen announcement hit’s we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Bungie’s Destiny Story Has Been Leaked With Concept Art

Bungie’s follow up to the Halo universe since parting ways with the franchise at the release of Halo Reach in 2010, is a game codenamed “Destiny”. Very few details about the next project has been revealed so far, but leaked documents and concept art sent to IGN has at least confirmed small story snippets. Continue reading Bungie’s Destiny Story Has Been Leaked With Concept Art

Next-Gen Xbox Dated Fall 2013 in Activision Court Case

Bungie’s top secret new game, a sci-fantasy, action shooter codenamed Destiny is heading to Xbox 360 & Xbox 720, (or Xbox 8 yet unannounced) in the fall of 2013 – according to court documents that outline the studio’s ten-year contract with Activision. Continue reading Next-Gen Xbox Dated Fall 2013 in Activision Court Case

Rumour: Xbox Console Without Disc Drive Is Coming In 2013?

Last month, way before MCV reported that a next-gen console would have no disc drive – we were informed from a trusted source within the industry (who had left his job) that the current codename for Xbox Infinity, was for a service specific to TV’s and a way of getting a form of Xbox LIVE and it’s App’s and Arcade games into homes without the need for an Xbox 360 console. Continue reading Rumour: Xbox Console Without Disc Drive Is Coming In 2013?