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Skydive: Proximity Flight Out Now on Xbox 360

Gaijin Entertainment and Topware Interactive has announced that the sport of wingsuit flying is now available for the Xbox 360 on the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Inspired by the extreme sport of base jumping, S...[Read More]

Zombie Driver HD Removed From LIVE – Dev’s Now Dishing Out Codes

Zombie Driver HD was released on the Xbox 360 Xbox LIVE Arcade, October 17th 2012. It was a great little game for 800 MS Points, but due to unfortunate circumstances the game has now been removed from...[Read More]

Rekoil set for Xbox LIVE Arcade This January

Plastic Piranha, the development team behind Rekoil will launch the game on the Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360 later this month with 505 Games. Already gathering a loyal following amongst hard core...[Read More]

How to Survive DLC Announced

Listen up survivors! 505 Games and Eko Software have provided us with  supply drop in the form of a new DLC pack. We can now equip ourselves with a fireproof suit and learn the skills to craft incendi...[Read More]

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Revealed

With Season 4 of the TV show now officially under way on FOX it was only a matter of days before we heard an announcement around Season 2 of Telltale’s BAFTA Award winning series based on the sa...[Read More]

Blood Knights on XBLA this November

Our friends over at Kalypso today announced that Blood Knights, a medieval, vampire themed hack ‘n’ slash will be released on the 1st November forXBLA priced at £11.99. Blood Knights is a hack ‘n slas...[Read More]

Final Exam: A Co-op trailer

Bashing monsters is fun – it’s even more fun with friends! Final Exam, the 2.5D sidescroller packed with frenzied action and caustic humor developed by Mighty Rocket Studios for XBLA is no...[Read More]

The Bridge coming to XBLA

The Bridge focuses on bringing players into a new gameplay experience, beyond what they may expect from the usual puzzle game. Following in the footsteps of non-traditional titles like Braid and Limbo...[Read More]

Magrunner Dark Pulse Launch Trailer

Magrunner Dark Pulse released on the Xbox LIVE Arcade this week is showcased in the latest launch trailer. In the near future of 2048, a handful of young and brilliant citizens are hand-picked by the ...[Read More]

Painkiller Hell & Damnation


  Demonic Vacation At The Blood Sea is a single-player/co-op focused DLC which introduces new maps, a new boss fight and a much deeper storyline. Maps are themed around picturesque ocean view set...[Read More]

Scourge Outbreak – Giveaway


This weekend is the 10th Anniversary of Tragnarion Studios and they are giving away 20 free download codes for Scourge: Outbreak on Xbox Live Arcade! The codes will be posted on their Facebook page ra...[Read More]

15th Awesomenaut released: Admiral Swiggins!


The 2D MOBA Awesomenauts adds its 15th character: Admiral Swiggins! The Admiral is the first character to be completely designed by the player community. The base character and his abilities were firs...[Read More]

Castle of Illusion Dated September 4 for XBLA

SEGA has announced that Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse will be available worldwide for digital download on September 4th for the Xbox LIVE Arcade and priced at 1200 MS Points or cash equival...[Read More]

CONTRAST Trailer: Meet Didi

CONTRAST, the platform/puzzler developed by Compulsion Games for Xbox LIVE Arcade is pleased to tell you more about one of the main characters from its cast through a charming, jazzy trailer: Didi, a ...[Read More]

World Series of Poker: Full House Pro In Beta From July 29

Following yesterday’s shock appearance of World Series of Poker: Full House Pro on the Canadian Xbox LIVE Marketplace, more information has come to light from PlayXBLA – the official Xbox ...[Read More]

World Series of Poker: Full House Pro Out Now in Canada

Update: It’s in Beta and server not functioning correctly! @thisisxbox It's the beta version and the game server isn't running. Can't play it for now 🙁 &md...[Read More]

Castle of Illusion Behind the Scenes Trailer 2

SEGA has released the second “behind the scenes” trailer for the upcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade remake of Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. Completely rebuilt from the ground up, Castle of Illusion...[Read More]

Soul Calibur II HD Online Heading to XBLA

Namco Bandai has announced Soul Calibur II HD Online, which will be available on the Xbox Live Arcade with crisp new high definition graphics and all-new online modes in celebration for its 10-year an...[Read More]

Xbox LIVE Rewards Evolving on September 1

Xbox LIVE Rewards has issued emails to participants in the scheme to inform them of changes to the program in line with Microsoft scrapping MS Points for cash purchases. Xbox LIVE Rew...[Read More]

Scourge: Outbreak Finally Unleashed

Out now on XBLA. What more needs to be said? Oh OK, read the press release below… but then go get the game, OK? Set in the near future, Scourge: Outbreak throws you into the boots of Echo Squad,...[Read More]

Sanctum 2: DLC


The revolution has begun! Sanctum 2: Road to Elysion, the first of four DLC expansion packs for the tower-defense/FPS hybrid Sanctum 2, launches today on Steam. From Swedish indie developers Coffee St...[Read More]

Spartacus Legends Free on XBLA

It’s a great time to be an Xbox LIVE Gold member with not only having two free games every month up until the launch of Xbox One – but today a free Xbox LIVE Arcade game “Spartacus L...[Read More]

State of Decay Review

I’m going to start by saying I am disappointed in State of Decay (here on out referred to as SoD), and to understand why I need you to wind back your clocks and take a walk with me down memory lane. I...[Read More]

Bound By Flame Additional Details Announced

  With less than a week before E3,Spider Studios have released a couple new screenshots of their big budget RPG before it’s official debut at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Spider ...[Read More]

State Of Decay Certified To Scare

  So although the likes of IGN have been shouting about the release date being 5th June for a couple of weeks now, it has only be confirmed today that yes indeed, we will see State of Decay relea...[Read More]

XBLA: How To Survive This Autumn

And still more Zombie games are due to grace our screens with their slow methodical, aimless wandering in search of flesh and brains. Yesterday 505 Games announced their latest title; How to Survive, ...[Read More]

CastleStorm Review

Zen Studio’s brand spanking new tower defense game “CastleStorm” storms its way on the Xbox LIVE Arcade today, and the developers claim the title is based on the old-age childhood favourite game of Le...[Read More]

XBLA – CastleStorm Developer Diary

Meet the team behind CastleStorm, a super genre mashup of physics based destruction meets tower defense brawler is set to unleash next Wednesday, May 29th on Xbox LIVE Arcade! Look out for our review ...[Read More]

UFO Interactive Unleashes Scourge: Outbreak

A raw and gritty, futuristic squad-based third-person shooter built with Unreal Engine 3, Scourge: Outbreak pits the veteran mercenaries of Echo Squad, against their sworn enemies, the Nogari Corporat...[Read More]

CastleStorm Coming May 29 on Xbox LIVE Arcade

ZenStudios are set to release the super genre mashup “CastleStorm” for the Xbox LIVE Arcade on May 29th, 2013. The game is built on the fond childhood memory of building and destroying Leg...[Read More]

Narco Terror: Wanton Destruction

Due out this summer is Narco Terror ; a sophisticated, action-packed twin-stick shooter that thematically harkens back to classic action movies from the 80’s. Today Deep Silver released a new trailer ...[Read More]

Painkiller Hell & Damnation

Painkiller Hell & Damnation will be released for the Xbox 360 on May 31st. Painkiller takes players on a demonic ride through hell. The campaign features an all-action crusade that can be played i...[Read More]

Happy Wars Merges With Castle Crashers In Latest Update

The fifth title update for Happy Wars from Toylogic is now live on the Xbox LIVE Arcade and brings together the collaboration between Happy Wars and Castle Crashers. With the latest update, players ca...[Read More]

Sacred Citadel Review

‘Hey Kris, I have a code for Sacred Citadel. It needs reviewing. I have no idea what it is, but fancy giving it a go?’ This was the message I got from the Editor late last week. I did think to myself ...[Read More]

Orc Attacks Trailer

Fancy another Orc’s game on the Xbox LIVE Arcade to add to the mix of Orc banter that has previously been released over the last couple of years – then you’re in for a treat with Orc...[Read More]

Motocross Madness Review

The smash-hit rough-terrain motorcycle game of the late 90’s is back and this time more fun than ever as Motocross Madness returns to consoles via the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Complete with Avatar support yo...[Read More]

God Mode Out Now

God Mode is now available to download Xbox LIVE® Arcade. God Mode pits players against waves of demonic hordes as they use plenty of death-dealing instruments such as plasma cannons, miniguns and what...[Read More]

Mars War Logs Overview Trailer

I have been keeping my eye on this title since Mars War Logs: Roy sees red! back in January. Being I love RPG’s and all things SCI-FI, this looks like a great title to get stuck into. Today Spid...[Read More]

Black Knight Sword 50% Off

Co-published by D3Publisher and Digital Reality, Black Knight Sword explores a bizarre world that pits players in the role of The Black Knight as he attempts to rid the world of the villainous and sup...[Read More]

State of Decay hits XBLA in June

Base building, rescuing and recruiting fellow survivors, stealth and zombie slaying, this sounds like my perfect game… oh wait it is! State of Decay will be released in June on XBLA (and PC). Th...[Read More]

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