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  • Sanctum 2: DLC

    Sanctum 2: DLC

    The revolution has begun! Sanctum 2: Road to Elysion, the first of four DLC expansion packs for the tower-defense/FPS hybrid Sanctum 2, launches today on Steam. From Swedish indie developers Coffee Stain Studios, Road to Elysion is centered around a new shadowy playable character, TSYGAN, as she reveals the sinister origins of the conflict on LOEK III.  Delivering intricate […]

  • Spartacus Legends Free on XBLA

    Spartacus Legends Free on XBLA

    It’s a great time to be an Xbox LIVE Gold member with not only having two free games every month up until the launch of Xbox One – but today a free Xbox LIVE Arcade game “Spartacus Legends” is available now on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Developed in collaboration with the critically acclaimed television series […]

  • State of Decay Review

    State of Decay Review

    I’m going to start by saying I am disappointed in State of Decay (here on out referred to as SoD), and to understand why I need you to wind back your clocks and take a walk with me down memory lane. It’s 1996, I am 12 years old and my cousin and I are sat […]

  • Bound By Flame Additional Details Announced

    Bound By Flame Additional Details Announced

      With less than a week before E3,Spider Studios have released a couple new screenshots of their big budget RPG before it’s official debut at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Spider Studios have recently gained a good following of RPG fans thanks to the release of Mars War Logs for PC (coming later in Q3 for […]

  • State Of Decay Certified To Scare

    State Of Decay Certified To Scare

      So although the likes of IGN have been shouting about the release date being 5th June for a couple of weeks now, it has only be confirmed today that yes indeed, we will see State of Decay released for Xbox Live Arcade on the 5th… THIS WEDNESDAY. WEDNESDAY! Did you hear me? WEDNESDAY!! Undead […]

  • XBLA: How To Survive This Autumn

    XBLA: How To Survive This Autumn

    And still more Zombie games are due to grace our screens with their slow methodical, aimless wandering in search of flesh and brains. Yesterday 505 Games announced their latest title; How to Survive, due for release later this year. Featuring a robust crafting system, unique survival guide and a host of playable characters, How to Survive strands […]

  • CastleStorm Review

    CastleStorm Review

    Zen Studio’s brand spanking new tower defense game “CastleStorm” storms its way on the Xbox LIVE Arcade today, and the developers claim the title is based on the old-age childhood favourite game of Lego where much fun is to be had building and destroying Lego Castles! If that was a personal favourite for you growing […]

  • XBLA – CastleStorm Developer Diary

    XBLA – CastleStorm Developer Diary

    Meet the team behind CastleStorm, a super genre mashup of physics based destruction meets tower defense brawler is set to unleash next Wednesday, May 29th on Xbox LIVE Arcade! Look out for our review next week!

  • UFO Interactive Unleashes Scourge: Outbreak

    UFO Interactive Unleashes Scourge: Outbreak

    A raw and gritty, futuristic squad-based third-person shooter built with Unreal Engine 3, Scourge: Outbreak pits the veteran mercenaries of Echo Squad, against their sworn enemies, the Nogari Corporation, in a desperate mission to rescue a double agent hidden behind enemy lines and to recover a mysterious meteorite fragment from Nogari’s possession. Convinced that Nogari’s ‘Ambrosia Fuel […]

  • CastleStorm Coming May 29 on Xbox LIVE Arcade

    CastleStorm Coming May 29 on Xbox LIVE Arcade

    ZenStudios are set to release the super genre mashup “CastleStorm” for the Xbox LIVE Arcade on May 29th, 2013. The game is built on the fond childhood memory of building and destroying Lego castles, CastleStorm mixes things up with 2D physics destruction mashed with tower defense brawler and a comical story for just 800 MS […]