xbox live indie games

1000 Game Titles Go Missing from Xbox Store

      Microsoft is currently investigating a rather serious software glitch that has removed 1000 game titles, mostly Indie games, from the Xbox Game Store. Gaming site Gamasutra has re...[Read More]

Beat Hazard Ultra finally lands on XBLIG

Over 3 years ago the original Beat Hazard was released on Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) and marked the start of Steve Hunt’s near career as an Indie Developer. Having working for worked for big studio...[Read More]

Hartacon Tactics Gameplay Trailer

Hartacon Tactics is a multiplayer strategy RPG. Players challenge each other in 2D isometric maps, playing online against each other or teaming up in alliances. Due out later this year on Xbox Live In...[Read More]

Planetary Shield Hits The Indie Games Channel

After the launching for Android, Planetary Shield now comes to the Indie Games section of the Xbox 360 from Axouxere Games. With Planetary Shield you will test your skills to save the planet and the h...[Read More]

Racedrome City released on Xbox LIVE Indie Games

The new racing title from indie developer Rendercode Games has been published today on the Xbox LIVE Indie Games Marketplace, and is available for only 80 Microsoft Points.

Gateways Coming Soon To Indie Games

Smudged Cat Games is announcing its latest game today,… Gateways! It’s coming soon for XBox and PC, check out the trailer below. Gateways is a 2D platform game set in the lab of an inventor call...[Read More]