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New Xbox Experience rolling out to select users


Did you opt-in to using the New Xbox Experience early? Well select users will getting the new experience right now!

The new experience will launch this November for all Xbox One owners, incorporating fan feedback and the integration of Windows 10. The new features include…

· A redesigned Home with vertical scrolling

· An updated and easily accessible guide with messages, notifications, settings and more

· Quick access to games and apps by using the triggers on your controller

· Easy and fast access to your favourite films, TV shows and streaming video apps in an updated OneGuide

· A new and improved Store with vertical gallery view

It’s not all plain sailing. There are still a fair few issues that need sorting out, an External hard drive is a must as there could be some factory resets of your console if things go wrong…

Windows 10 is here


Windows 10 has officially launched. If you have an eligible PC you’ll notice a little Windows icon on your taskbar, this will give you the chance to reserve a copy and upgrade, for free, over the next year.

But what does this mean for Xbox users, quite a bit really. The Xbox app in Windows 10 is about to unleash a wealth of new gaming capabilities. As well as Game DVR, there will be cross-device play, and streaming of Xbox One games to a local PC or Windows 10 tablet, perfect if you are about to lose the TV to the Great British Bake Off next week!

The video below shows off exactly what you can expect to see, happy upgrading!

Looks like Xbox Live has had one too many


Looking forward to a night of gaming with your mates? You might be disappointed, it looks like Xbox Live has had one pint too many and is spoiling the party for everyone.

According to the Xbox Status Page MS are working on a fix:

Are you running into issues creating or joining multiplayer matches? Additionally, are you having trouble joining parties or sending party invites? We’re aware of the issue and hard at work to find a fix. Thanks for being patient, Xbox members! We’ll provide an update as soon as we have more information.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for a fix…

Xbox Live down for many players


According to the Xbox Support Site – core services are currently down, which means most of you wont be having to much luck playing games, if you are in the UK I’m surprised you can even read this without melting into a puddle…

TiX interviews Neverwinter’s Executive Producer Rob Overmeyer


We were recently invited to interview Rob Overmeyer, Executive Producer on Neverwinter for Xbox One. If you haven’t rolled your character and got stuck into Neverwinter yet, you can read our huge three-part review here: Part 1, Part 2 and finally Part 3.

This is Xbox (TiX): When you aren’t busy working, and you are enjoying free time playing Neverwinter yourself, what race and class are you? Which is your favourite?

Rob Overmeyer (RO): I play all the time! My main is a Halfling GWF currently 2.7k on PC and a Halfling TR climbing the ranks on Xbox. I really like the GWF in group play and while I may not top the DPS charts I have been able to pull out a win in several dungeons after seeing most of the party go down. As for Xbox, although it’s a bit FotM to run a TR as my go to for PvP. I’m not running perma or anything but I like catching a cleric out of position and giving them a surprise. I also like the stealth-battle gameplay that can play out once in a while at a CP. Backcapping to find yourself in a 1v1 with another TR can be a lot of fun.

TiX: Describe to our readers what your role is day-to-day in terms of Neverwinter for Xbox One, including future Xbox One updates and DLC launches.

RO: I am the Executive Producer of Neverwinter PC and Xbox. Most of all my days are pretty busy and when I am not planning future modules and game direction, analyzing the business and looking at what we need to improve in the live game I am playing Neverwinter. My day usually consists of meeting with the team, leads and publishers to » Continue Reading.

Le Tour De France 2015 review


Le Tour De France 2015 is another installment in the Tour De France franchise by Cyanide studios which puts you in the heart of competitive cycling in the annual Tour De France event. As you can imagine it’s a racing game where you compete against others, (lots of them) to win a series of races and become the overall champion. However if you’re into your race games then clear all your thoughts and ideas from your mind as this isn’t a fast paced racer with lots of options and customizations to keep you tinkering for hours but in fact a hard long slog with a huge dose of strategy behind it. If you are a keen cyclist, into the Tour De France or just fancy a change in pace then this is definitely the game for you so don your Lycra, grab your gel packs and prepare to get sweaty.

Compared to other games I have seen in the past Tour De France 2015 doesn’t just put you in charge of a single racer but an entire team and this is where the strategy comes in. You can only at any one time focus on a single rider within your team, deciding when he sprints or drafts whilst all the time watching his energy to make sure he doesn’t burn out. Like in real life, the quicker you pedal, the longer you climb hills or sprint, the more energy your burn until eventually you run out, at which point you can watch the world and all the other racers pass you by. If you do feel you are starting to fade then you switch riders to one of your team mates or even call one to come up and take the lead so you » Continue Reading.

Evolve – Hunting Season 2


A new season of characters is coming to Evolve. Hunting Season 2 includes 4 new Hunters, 1 new monster, and 5 exclusive skins. Get the first Hunter, Lennox the melee female Assault, on 24.06.2015.

Additional details on Lennox: Suited up in her self-made mech armor, Lennox is a melee Hunter armed with a combo dealing Plasma Lance. At range, she lays heavy fire with her Autocannon and can close the gap with a blast from her Thunder Strike.

Selection of casino games for Xbox

casino nights

Need to get away from all those action packed third person shooters, zombie survival games or high-speed racing games? But do you still want to experience a certain degree of thrill and excitement? Try out some of these casino games for Xbox!

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Casino Online – released in February 2011

During the start of 2011 Atari published the massively open online racing game Test Drive Unlimited 2. The game revolves around some unknown racer who gets the opportunity to enter a series of big racing tournaments. During various racing events the player works his way up in the racing world.

Sometime after the launch of TDU2, Atari revealed a brand new DLC called TDU2 Casino Online. As the name states, this DLC allows the player to enter a casino which offers slots machines, roulette, poker and other classic casino games. Does this have anything to do with racing at all? It sure does. In this DLC you can compete on a racetrack with up to 32 other players and even win a car by playing the slots machines! This DLC also comes with 10 new levels of progression. If you enjoy racing and the thrill of winning in a casino then TDU2 is about as good as it gets.

High Rollers Casino – released in 2004

Do you want to experience the thrill of being in a real-life casino? But don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your own home? Then you should definitely check out High Rollers Casino for the Xbox. This game was developed by Bethesda Softworks and offers almost every game you will find in a real casino. High Rollers Casino offers the player a wide variety of customization options for their character before entering the full 3D digital casino. You can play any casino » Continue Reading.

Star Wars digital movie collection lands on Xbox


Disney, Lucasfilm, and Twentieth Century Fox have just announced the availability of the Star Wars Digital Movie Collection – all six Star Wars films for the first time on Digital HD, and with all new never-before-seen bonus material. 

Xbox have been confirmed as a digital distribution launch partner and are offering exclusives for Xbox customers who purchase the Saga on Xbox Video.

There are two exclusive incentives for fans who purchase the six-film bundle on Xbox Video. First, you’ll receive R2-D2 as an Xbox Live avatar companion that flashes characteristics of classic R2-D2 from “A New Hope.” Secondly you will receive the action-packed Star Wars Pinball Pack for the free-to-play game Pinball FX 2, for Xbox One or Xbox 360. 

Finally, Disney is offering a Star Wars featurette video for Xbox customers; by pre-purchasing the Saga on Xbox Video will you receive a roughly 60 second sneak peek at the bonus material included in the Star Wars Digital Movie Collection. Customers will receive the Xbox featurette when they pre-purchase the “Star Wars” saga bundle on Xbox Video, then all six films in the Saga will be added to their collection on April 10.

Life is Strange Episode 2 available 24th March


Over the last weekend at EGX Rezzed in London it was announced during the Life Is Strange Dev session that episode 2 of the game will be released on March 24th.

If you can’t wait that long why not check out the 15 minutes of gameplay footage posted on the Eurogamer YouTube channel.

You can pick up each episode for £3.99 or alternatively purchase a season pass for £15.99. 

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