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Hitman receives Companion App and toughest Elusive Target yet

You cannot deny that Hitman is a great game and with the introduction of Elusive Targets the challenge and thrill of the hunt got so much better (you should ask our very own Max about that) but I couldn’t help but think there was something missing? Well the team at lo-Interactive and Square Enix might have just cracked that in the form of the Hitman Companion App.

Now you can really feel like Agent 47 as you receive your next Elusive Target directly to your phone. Notifications will appear via the app on your phone as soon as the Elusive Target goes live. You’ll be able to view the image, countdown and briefing video of the target for the duration of the contract. Now you can play the game whilst using the app to view the image of the target. This is key, as before you didn’t have any assistance from the in-game map to aid in their successful identification and elimination.

Hitman Companion

Not only will the App keep you up to date with Elusive Targets, but it will also keep you posted with all the latest news and information about what’s been added to the game, wherever you are.

Download the free app for iOS compatible with the iPhone 4S and later, iOS 8 is required

Download the free app for Android, API level 15 or above is required (“Ice Cream Sandwich” 4.0.3)

The current version of the HITMAN Companion is not optimized for tablets. Phones are recommended.

The Next Elusive Target

Hitman 'The Twin' Elusive Target

Armed with the new Companion App the next Elusive Target is just around the corner. On Friday 15th July you will face the toughest challenge yet as you are requested to eliminate Dylan Narvaez, aka ‘The Twin’. Dylan with be in Sapienza for 72 hours but so will his identical brother, Gonzales. To complete this contract, you will need to choose your target with supreme care and come up with a plan to eliminate him without any collateral damage whatsoever to Gonzales. Failure to do this will result in the contract being cancelled.

So will you be downloading and using the new app from now on and what do you think of the new Elusive Target coming on the 15th, let us know?

UK see’s competitive play as a growing market and creates British eSports Association

Following authority from the UK Government, the UK have established the British eSports Association. The sole purpose of this organisation is to represent competitive video gaming at all levels under a nonprofit organsation. This is great news as eSports is finally being recognised in the UK as a serious competitive market.

Located at Pinewood Studios, British eSports, acting as the National Governing Body for eSports in the United Kingdom, will work in conjunction with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to help and represent players at all levels; develop a grassroots competitive video game scene that will nurture future talent; support existing professionals and provide the infrastructure to create future British global champions. The activities for British eSports will be easily accessible at www.BritisheSports.org, a portal providing the latest news on events, teams and leagues, alongside impartial advice for both players and parents.

Before you all think this is just another scheme for raising money then think again as the British eSports is a nonprofit organisation and will be chaired by Andy Payne OBE, with Chester King in the role of acting CEO. The next three months will see a consultation period, during which British eSports will be gathering feedback from the UK eSports sector to ensure it fully represents the interests of individuals, teams, game publishers and broadcasters alike. This is great news for eSports in the UK and finally we have recognition in the growing competitive market of eSports gaming throughout the world.

When asked about his involvement in the esports Association Andy Payne, chair of British eSports, added, “I am an admirer of the work of other sports associations such as British Cycling, and I am very confident that if we welcome and embrace all parties in the UK eSports scene, we can deliver a range of benefits to all players, from professional to amateur in the UK over time. These are exciting times in eSports and the time is right to build this organisation from the grassroots up.”

At the moment we are early doors in this process but the eSports Association is open to ideas and opinions so don’t hold back and let them know your thoughts and ideas at the following address – info@britishesports.org

Free games and multiplayer this weekend on Xbox

Not only are Xbox planning EA Access free play days, but from today until Sunday they will be hosting a Free Multiplayer Weekend. That’s right, for the first time Xbox is inviting all Live Members without Xbox Live Gold Membership to join up with friends and experience the full online multiplayer experience on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Whats more, to really immerse yourself in the experience Xbox will also be giving all Live Members free access to try Rocket League for the entire weekend. This offer is live now, June 9th and will run through to June 12th. So what are you waiting for, it’s time to make your friends your allies.

EA Access free to play for Gold Members

For those of you who’ve looked at EA Access and thought is it really worth the money, then you in for a special treat. From the 12th – 22nd June all Xbox Gold Members who own an Xbox One will be able to play every game in the vault for free. This means you will be able to play 20+ of EA’s best games. So what are you waiting for, you can download the EA Access Hub App now by clicking on the Gold Member area on the home dashboard.


If you’re still uncertain though, the current titles in the The Vault include Battlefield Hardline, EA SPORTS UFC, Battlefield 4, FIFA 16, Dead Space, Madden NFL 16, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR, NHL15, Titanfall, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Need for Speed Rivals, NBA LIVE 15, Peggle 2, FIFA 14, and Madden NFL 14.

At the end of EA Access Free Plays Days you’ll get the option to become a full member and what’s more any gamescore / achievements and progress will be automatically carried over and you’ll be able to continue playing right where you left off. On top of this, as a member of EA Access you will also be able to play new EA titles before they are released and save 10% on EA digital purchases. This means you will be first in the queue for titles such as Battlefield 1, Madden NFL 17 and Mass Effect Andromeda.

For more information check out EA Access Free Play Days or EA Access.

Xbox One sets phasers to stun

With the sudden influx of free to play MMO’s, Perfect World Entertainment Inc and Cryptic Studios have today announced their plans to bring Star Trek Online to the Xbox One.

On release of the console edition Star Trek Online will bring two expansions and 11 seasons’ worth of updates for players. That’s over ‘six years’ worth of content, including more than 130 featured episodes that build upon classic Star Trek stories and series. You will even get the change to play alongside a cast of Star Trek actors including Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Michael Dorn (Worf), Tim Russ (Tuvok) and more.

Star Trek Online Crew

Each player’s adventure will begin by choosing one of the classic Star Trek factions including Federation, Klingon and Romulans. If you can’t find what you want thought don’t worry as there’s also 32 other species to customize your own Captain with. Once this mammoth task is complete, I always find it the hardest part of any game, you will be able to take to the stars and visit iconic locations including Vulcan, Deep Space Nine, Earth Space Dock and more in one of the hundreds of classic Star Trek ships available to you. Engage in various missions and ship-to-ship combat as you play through the game’s story content aiming to reach the level 60 cap, and what’s more it’s all for free.

Star Trek Online Space Battle

To ensure a successful console launch of Star Trek Online the development team at Cryptic Studios have also spent time updating the game engine to offer an enhanced user experience and upgraded visuals. Learning from the recent launch of Neverwinter the team have also been working on a control scheme that will allow players to navigate both space and ground combat with ease. Further information about the up and coming release of the game can be found on the official website.

Star Trek Online is due for release on the Xbox One in Fall 2016. – ‘Live Long and Prosper’.

Xbox Live suffering AGAIN

If you have been on your Xbox One any time in the past couple of weeks you’ll have noticed things haven’t been working too well. Tonight, yet again, Xbox Live is having some big issues. The Xbox Live Status Page confirms there are issues:

We understand some of you might be having a tough time signing in to Xbox Live. Additionally, we realize that some of you are experiencing issues purchasing new subscriptions or managing existing subscriptions. We want you to know our top engineers are on the case and are working toward a fix. Thanks for your patience in the meantime! We will provide an update as soon as we know more.

While we are all used to issues, Xbox Live has been less than useful for a few weeks now, fingers crossed MS get on top of this soon!

Zombie Vikings coming to Xbox One

ZombieVikings_screenshot600After being released on other platforms, Zoink Games is now releasing Zombie Vikings digitally on Xbox One with a lot of bonus content. Included is the Raybjörn and Frostbjörn Character DLC, 5 additional versus levels, a behind the scenes making-of video, and Raz-ombie, the reincarnated embodiment of Raz from Psychonauts.

The Xbox One version will be released later this year and besides the added content it will have Xbox One specific features such as Hero Stats, where you can measure your progress with your friends and unlockable achievement wallpapers.

In addition all the content from the Majör Update (like Oink the unicorn pig!) will be in the mix as well. If you’re new to Zombie Vikings, or just want to take another look at it, check out the Xbox One trailer below.


Xbox Live is a bit broken tonight

Trying to game with your Xbox Friends tonight? Good luck, as an alert on the Xbox Live status page is telling us:

Hey Xbox members, are you having trouble creating or joining your multiplayer sessions? Are you running into an issue with viewing notifications? We are aware of these issues and are working with our engineers to get this corrected ASAP! Thank you for your patience while we work. We’ll post another update when more information becomes available.

Which is a shame as I was planning on exacting my revenge on someone during Rainbow Six: Siege…

New Xbox Experience rolling out to select users

Did you opt-in to using the New Xbox Experience early? Well select users will getting the new experience right now!

The new experience will launch this November for all Xbox One owners, incorporating fan feedback and the integration of Windows 10. The new features include…

· A redesigned Home with vertical scrolling

· An updated and easily accessible guide with messages, notifications, settings and more

· Quick access to games and apps by using the triggers on your controller

· Easy and fast access to your favourite films, TV shows and streaming video apps in an updated OneGuide

· A new and improved Store with vertical gallery view

It’s not all plain sailing. There are still a fair few issues that need sorting out, an External hard drive is a must as there could be some factory resets of your console if things go wrong…

Windows 10 is here

Windows 10 has officially launched. If you have an eligible PC you’ll notice a little Windows icon on your taskbar, this will give you the chance to reserve a copy and upgrade, for free, over the next year.

But what does this mean for Xbox users, quite a bit really. The Xbox app in Windows 10 is about to unleash a wealth of new gaming capabilities. As well as Game DVR, there will be cross-device play, and streaming of Xbox One games to a local PC or Windows 10 tablet, perfect if you are about to lose the TV to the Great British Bake Off next week!

The video below shows off exactly what you can expect to see, happy upgrading!